The Power of Hades (The Hades Trials, #1)

I ve been kidnapped by Zeus Plucked from the streets of Manhattan and frightened half to death by a freaking Olympian god nAnd now I m trapped in the Underworld, being forced to compete in a series of deadly trials for the position of Queen of the Underworld Which would mean marrying Hades, the ut

The Passion of Hades (The Hades Trials, #2)

I m trapped in actual hell And just about everything here is trying to kill me Even the god who claims he once loved me has come pretty close to ending my life n nBut things are about to change I m fed up of being Persephone human underdog in the Hades Trials I ve managed to awaken a little bit

The Silence of the Girls

The ancient city of Troy has withstood a decade under siege of the powerful Greek army, which continues to wage bloody war over a stolen woman Helen In the Greek camp, another woman Briseis watches and waits for the war s outcome She was queen of one of Troy s neighboring kingdoms, until Achilles,

The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo, #4)

In his penultimate adventure, a devastated but determined Apollo travels to Camp Jupiter, where he must learn what it is to be a hero, or die trying n nIt s not easy being Apollo, especially when you ve been turned into a human and banished from Olympus On his path to restoring five ancient oracles

The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo, #2)

n Go west Capture Apollo before he can find the next oracle nIf you cannot bring him to me alive, kill him n n nThose were the orders my old enemy Nero had given to Meg McCaffrey But why would an ancient Roman emperor zero in on Indianapolis And now that I have made it here still in the embarrass

The Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo, #3)

The formerly glorious god Apollo, cast down to earth in punishment by Zeus, is now an awkward mortal teenager named Lester Papadopoulos In order to regain his place on Mount Olympus, Lester must restore five Oracles that have gone dark But he has to achieve this impossible task without having any