The Story Luke Tells

Among all the writers of the New Testament, no one has been undervalued than Luke Not only are Luke s Gospel and Acts extensive than all of Paul s epistles put together Luke s particular slant on the story he tells also sets him apart In this book Justo Gonzalez examines Luke s characte

Paul: An Apostle's Journey

A dramatic journey through the life and thought of the apostle Paul n nDouglas Campbell has made a name for himself as one of Paul s most insightful and provocative interpreters In this short and spirited book Campbell introduces readers to the apostle he has studied in depth over his scholarly caree

The Unseen Realm

In The Unseen Realm, Dr Michael Heiser examines the ancient context of Scripture, explaining how its supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of God He illuminates intriguing and amazing passages of the Bible that have been hiding in plain sight You ll find yourself engaged in

A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths

A uniquely ambitious study of the Bible s creation how it came to be written, how its contents were selected and how it really relates to the religions that endorse it n nThe Bible is the central book in Western culture, yet extraordinarily there is no proper history of it This exceptional work, b

James for You

What is the difference between genuine faith and counterfeit faith How do we know for sure that our faith is real How can we know joy even in trials, and patience even in suffering n n James is a book full of practical, life changing help for real life James For You makes clear its teaching and a

Heart of Revelation

Despite gallons of ink spilled and hours of movies made on the book of Revelation, it remains one of the most confusing and least understood books of Scripture But Scott Duvall has good news for discouraged readers you can benefit from the hope and encouragement of this mysterious book if you gras

Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus

Miracle Man is a beautifully illustrated biography of Jesus Christ by award winning author and illustrator John Hendrix For all Christian denominations and perfect for families to share throughout the year, this book will be especially beloved by the faithful as a gift for Easter, communions, chris