City Spies

Sara Martinez is a hacker She recently broke into the New York City foster care system to expose her foster parents as cheats and lawbreakers However, instead of being hailed as a hero, Sara finds herself facing years in a juvenile detention facility and banned from using computers for the same st

What Lane?

n STAY IN YOUR LANE Stephen doesn t want to hear that he wants to have no lane n n nAnything his friends can do, Stephen should be able to do too, right So when they dare each other to sneak into an abandoned building, he doesn t think it s his lane, but he goes Here s the thing, though Can he

The Bad Guys: Episode 3: The Furball Strikes Back

The Bad Guys are about to have a VERY BAD DAY Mr Wolf and his bad, bad buddies have messed with the wrong guinea pig And this nasty little furball wants revenge Will they survive Will they be heroes And will they just stop trying to eat each other It s time to put on your chuckle pants and fin

Ember Falls (The Green Ember, #2)

The stage is set It s war Morbin Blackhawk, slaver and tyrant, threatens to destroy the rabbit resistance forever Heather and Picket are two young rabbits improbably thrust into pivotal roles nThe fragile alliance forged around the young heir seems certain to fail Can Heather and Picket help res

Island of Dragons (Unwanteds, #7)

Twins Alex and Aaron Stowe are put to the ultimate test to fulfill their destinies and save both Quill and Artim from the deadliest enemy the cities have ever faced in the thrilling conclusion of the New York Times bestselling Unwanteds series, which Kirkus Reviews called The Hunger Games meets Ha

River of Fire (Warriors: A Vision of Shadows, #5)

A shadow has fallen across the warrior Clans n nThe return of the long lost SkyClan has ushered in a time of unprecedented change and upheaval, and one of the proudest warrior Clans is no ShadowClan has given up its territory Its remaining warriors have joined SkyClan, and its former leader, R

The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 (I Survived, #11)

Could an entire city really burn to the ground Oscar Starling never wanted to come to Chicago But then Oscar finds himself not just in the heart of the big city, but in the middle of a terrible fire No one knows exactly how it began, but one thing is clear Chicago is like a giant powder keg about

Fridays with the Wizards (Castle Glower, #4)

Celie and her friends and family are back in the Castle, safe and sound But there s still the problem of Wizard Arkwright What do you do with an evil wizard n nEspecially when he escapes from his cell, but doesn t leave the Castle n nNow it s up to Celie, with the help of her wizard brother Bran an

Island of Graves (Unwanteds, #6)

On the brink of war, the fates of both Artim and Quill are at stake in book six of the New York Times bestselling Unwanteds series, which Kirkus Reviews called The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter n nAlex and Aaron Stowe are at a crossroads n nEverything Aaron has worked so hard to build in Quill ha