Read ↠´ Reaching for the Moon by Buzz Aldrin ¼

ApolloAstronaut Takes Readers On His Journey That Began In His Childhood And Led Him To Achieve His Dream Of Walking On The Moon, Bringing To Life An Unparalleled Moment In History For A New Generation And Showing How Everyone Can Strive To Achieve Their Dreams  read ↠´ Reaching for the Moon by Buzz Aldrin ¼ Reprint ↠´ Reaching for the Moon ↠´ It s good I like it My four year old daughter has sat through a couple of readings already and it seems to hold her attention It s basically a bio on Buzz Aldrin It ends with his 1969 moonwalk with Neil Armstrong He salutes the American flag for the photo op The book outlines his goal to becoming an astronaut, how he got there through sports, determination, attending West Point, his military career not my thing and university education He fails his first attempt at joining the astronaut program but tries again, and is accepted It s a brilliant message on tenacity Aldrin is a shameless self promoter, and there is nothing wrong with it It s 60s Americana in all its glory The art is good, but a bit retro The pace is pr This is a children s book Somehow I missed that part I thought I was ordering the novel written for adult level Luckily, when the book arrived, my nephew was visiting and I just handed it to him for his 7 year old Worked out great Must buy Easy and fun way way to learn