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It was very disappointing.
I have read much better versions.
Compelling New Translation Of Tacitus Annals, One Of The Greatest Accounts Of Ancient Rome, By Cynthia DamonTacitus Annals Recounts The Major Historical Events From The Years Shortly Before The Death Of Augustus To The Death Of Nero In ADWith Clarity And Vivid Intensity Tacitus Describes The Reign Of Terror Under The Corrupt Tiberius, The Great Fire Of Rome During The Time Of Nero And The Wars, Poisonings, Scandals, Conspiracies And Murders That Were Part Of Imperial Life Despite [Tacitus] å Annals [applied-mathematics PDF] Ebook Epub Download É His Claim That The Annals Were Written Objectively, Tacitus Account Is Sharply Critical Of The Emperors Excesses And Fearful For The Future Of Imperial Rome, While Also Filled With A Longing For Its Past Glories Ñ Annals Î This was my first reading of Tacitus and I m glad it was this one I am unable to say if the style is Tacitus himself or Ms Damon s translation but the book is easy to read and sucks you into the Roman world Tacitus uses a year to year chronology, the first ancient author to do so I believe, so his stories flow seamlessly The only disappointing part are the areas where the original text is missing If you have interest in the early participate read this book.

Annals, by Tacitus, was a difficult readlike reading the jottings in someone s notebook Also Tacitus uses multiple names for the same person or one name for multiple personalities in a family However, I found the history haddepth since Tacitus lived close to the time of the events he describes His analysis of the Roman legions, wars, weak Senate activities, and utter depravity of the emperor s, noblemen and their families was brought out in detail Very interesting.
The five stars are for anyone everyone who, like me has borrowed, googled, wikied Tacitus for years without having one s own copy I not only gave out hits to my family re birthday and Christmas presents, I told them I d be in heaven I I had my own copy.
There is no other review I can offer except to say what a treasure trove it is Tacitus is not a cover to cover read, but rather a mine of gems that one might stumble upon by accident or design But then, all the really scholarly people know this already My poor review is for the interested unschooled such as myself Maybe, if you put it on your wishlist, someone in the family might buy it for you.