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Tumultuous, Edge Of Your Seat Conclusion To The New York Times Bestselling AND I DARKEN Series The Epic Saga That Reads Like Game Of Thrones If It Were Set In The Ottoman Empire Who Will Live Who Will Die And Who Will Rule Triumphant Haunted By The Sacrifices He Made In Constantinople, Radu Is Called Back To The New Capital Mehmed Is Building An Empire, Becoming The Sultan His People Need But Mehmed Has A Secret As Emperor, Download Epub Format ½ Bright We Burn PDF by Ç Kiersten White He Is Powerful Than Ever And Desperately Lonely Does This Mean Radu Can Finally Have With Mehmed And Would He Even Want It Lada S Rule Of Absolute Justice Has Created A Wallachia Free Of Crime But Lada Won T Rest Until Everyone Knows That Her Country S Borders Are Inviolable Determined To Send A Message Of Defiance, She Has The Bodies Of Mehmed S Peace Envoy Delivered To Him, Leaving Radu And Mehmed With No Choice If Lada Is Allowed To Continue, Only Death Will Prosper They Must Go To War Against The Girl Prince But Mehmed Knows That He Loves Her He Understands Her She Must Lose To Him So He Can Keep Her Safe Radu Alone Fears That They Are Underestimating His Sister S Indomitable Will Only By Destroying Everything That Came Before Including Her Relationships Can Lada Truly Build The Country She Wants Claim The Throne Demand The Crown Rule The World Rich A Worthy End To A Powerful Saga Booklist Exciting, Complex, And Faithful To The Feelings That Drive Human Beings In Love And Conflict Highly Recommended SLJ An Intense, Engrossing read Kirkus PRAISE FOR NOW I RISE Gorgeous, Rich, And Rewarding Booklist, Starred Review Absolutely Devastating In The Best Way Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review A ,Knives Amie Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Coauthor Of The STARBOUND And ILLUMINAE FILES Trilogies Fierce, Epic, And Crazy Fun Melissa Albert, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Hazel WoodPRAISE FOR AND I DARKEN A Dark Jewel Of A Story, One That Gleams With Fierce, Cunning Characters Absolutely Riveting Alexandra Bracken,New York Times Bestselling Author Of Passenger A Dark, Gritty, And Seriously Badass Epic That Will Have You Dying For Required Reading For Every Feminist Fantasy Fan BuzzFeed Evocative This Book Takes No Prisoners NPR

When I started this book I felt very clear of one thing There is no way Mehmed, Radu, and Lada would make it all out alive.
It was also obvious that Lada would not take kindly to being told how to rebuild HER Wallachia.
I will say that my initial conviction was, in a way, true But I won t spoil you those will be below the jump.
Bright We Burn was everything the ending to a complex, deeply woven fantasy should be It also saw all the characters finally being true to themselves Lada was always true to herself, but Radu denied himself certain things because he was blindsided by his love for Mehmed, and Mehmed, even though he awarded Wallachia to Lada, was not happy by the way she was ruling and was ready and willing to go ó Bright We Burn ó I was not familiar with this author before picking up the first book in this trilogy in a thrift store, but I couldn t resist a Vlad the Impaler retelling that casts him as a bloodthirsty young woman The pace of the first book kept me pushing forward because ultimately it readas a traditional YA love triangle romance that didn t really spark my interest.
Then the first book ended, and I instantly had to pick up the last two and read them in a whirlwind The politics were realistic and brutal The scenes of war maneuvering were just gasp inducing, and theI read theI began to love some characters and hate others when my initial impressions were the opposite In the end, Radu had my heartthan any other character Lada was a badass that I began to love very fiercely, and Mehmed morphed into someone who was ver