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Hilarious And Ever Optimistic Timmy Failure, And His Sidekick Polar Bear, Total, Create Chaos As They Attempt To Make Sense Of The World In The First Book In The New York Times Bestselling Series Perfect For Fans Of Wimpy Kid And Big Nate, Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made Is The First Book In The New York Times Bestselling Series Listed As One Of Children S Modern Classics By The Sunday Times, It Was Also A Book Trust Best Book Awards [Stephan Pastis] Ò Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made [women-and-gender-studies PDF] read Online Þ Winner Meet Timmy Failure, Founder Of The Best Detective Agency In Town Total Failure, Inc With The Help Of His Polar Bear, Total, The Clueless, Comically Self Confident Timmy Already Has Plans For World Domination Plans That Will Make His Mother Rich And Unpaid Bills A Thing Of The Past And Plans That Will Defeat Corrina Corrina, The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered But She S Not Going Away Riotously Funny, Timmy Failure Is Sure To Have Readers In Stitches Okay, so let me begin by mentioning my age and my interest in reading this book I m 24 and about a year off from being the greatest elementary teacher the world has ever seen This past year or so I ve been reading books to stock my classroom library with for my students to read Also, to note, I ve just become an avid reader and the only books of interest at the moment are the ones I will one day have available for my students Okay, now for the review.
I absolutely refuse to sugarcoat this review but this book was three parts incredible and twelve parts amazing The characters were enjoyable, the writing was clever and comical, and the storyline was stellar This was a book that anyone with a good sense of humor will enjoy at any age One of the cohesive aspec

This is a great book for boys We ve read pretty much everything and Timmy is right up there with Captain Underpants and Magic Treehouse My son loved Timmy, loved Total, and laughed hysterically at the words Weevil Bun every time he read them When we finished the book, my son asked When can we get the next one Which, in boy speak, is the highest compliment one can bestow on reading material.
My son has a best friend whose parents have recently divorced, so this book also provided a platform for discussion of what it means to be a single parent, how life can change sometimes and how we have to make the best of it The Bowling Turkey s stupid car tricks also gave us a chance to talk about car safety and how grown ups can be wrong sometimes I have to say that this book grabbed my heartstrings as kids books r My daughter picked up this book from her gifted classroom teacher She brought it home and her younger brother and she loved it so much that I bought it for their kindle They both couldn t put it down and now I get to hear almost daily about when the next Timmy Failure will be coming out To give you an idea of what they like to read, my daughter is 9 and my son is 7 but they are both advanced readers When she was younger she loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid and likely still does My son on the other hand hates it He is reading Harry Potter and likes it but it seems to be a filler for him until the next Timmy Failure comes out He also recently read Hairy Not Scary Werewolf and again really enjoyed it but doesn t hold a candle to his love of Timmy Failure I could hear them giggling as they read it It has many sh