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The Author Of The Bestselling THE GIRL OF INK STARS Comes A Moving, Enthralling And Heartbreaking Tale Of Finding Your Way Home Shortlisted For The Costa Book Award And The BluePeter Book Award The island at the end of everything Is Such A Fiercely Kind And Generous Book, And So Finely Wrought And So Full Of Light Brilliant KATHERINE RUNDELL A Beautiful, Haunting Tale Of Leprosy, Lepidoptery And Loyalty FRANCES HARDINGE Amihan Lives On Culion Island, Where Some Of The Inhabitants Including Her Mother Have Leprosy Ami Loves [Hargrave Millwood] ✓ The island at the end of everything [sword-and-sorcery PDF] Ebook Epub Download ê Her Home With Its Blue Seas And Lush Forests, Culion Is All She Has Ever Known But The Arrival Of Malicious Government Official Mr Zamora Changes Her World Forever Islanders Untouched By Sickness Are Forced To Leave Banished Across The Sea, She S Desperate To Return, And Finds A Strange And Fragile Hope In A Colony Of Butterflies Can They Lead Her Home Before It S Too Late ß The island at the end of everything ß Hansen s disease, or leprosy, is completely curable today In 1906, however, it was incurable and feared, so much so that people with leprosy were relegated to containment Culion Island in the Philippines was the world s largest leper colony, and is the setting of this incredible story Amihan lives with her mother on the island, but Amihan is unaffected by the disease and spends her days caring for her mother When a visitor from the mainland comes through, Amihan and other clean children are separated from their dirty parents and sent to a separate island miles away to live in an orphanage Amihan and her mother are heartbroken to be separated While at the orphanage, Amihan meets a young girl named Mariposa and the two become fast friends When The description of this book intrigued me, because, while I knew there d been an island leper colony somewhere, at some point in history, that was the extend of my knowledge I thought I d like to learn about it The novel begins by telling the main character s mother s story, how she was taken from her family against her will after contracting leprosy However, it s also clear that, although most of the inhabitants of Culion are terminally ill, it s not a place of complete despair Rather, the island is full of natural beauty, and many of the islanders live relatively normal lives They have a strong sense of community Ami is dedicated to her mother, and they re frequently helped out by the brothers Bondoc and Capuno It would ve been easy for these characters to come acros