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Crystallizing Public Opinion Î Fantastic and insightful read, Bernays was way ahead of his time This edition, however, is riddled with terrible spelling mistakes, I m talking one mistake per every second to third page, no kidding If I d get a penny for every time public is written as pubic well, you know what I m getting at I recommend the book, but do look for another edition, this one is not worth your time and money Get it together Ig Publishing or whoever is responsible for this mess By The Nephew Of Sigmund Freud And Named By PBS As One Of Its books That Shook The World , Crystallizing Public Opinion Was The First Book Ever Written About The Public Relations Industry It Gives A Fascinating And Frightening Glimpse Into The World Of Propoganda And Advertising, And Shows How Ideas As Different As Eating Bacon For Breakfast And Preferring Women To Be Thin Were Put Into Our HeadsEdward Bernays Was Named As One Of The Most Influential Americans Of The Th Century [Edward Bernays] Ù Crystallizing Public Opinion [womens-studies PDF] read Online Õ By Life Magazine With His View That The Public Are Irrational And Behave Like Herds Of Animals, He Outlines Here Techinques To Control The Masses In Whatever Way The Influencer Chooses He Counted Among His Clients The American Tobacco Company, Several US Presidents, And The Opponents Of The Guatemalan Revolution zum Inhalt brauche ich denke ich nicht viel zu sagen wer sich f r das Werk interessiert hat davon ohnehin eine Vorstellung Diese Ausgabe ist recht g nstig aber trotzdem qualitativ in Ordnung Mir sind keine Druckfehler oder sonstige Schw chen aufgefallen.

For those who appreciate Strunk and White sThe Elements of Style, Edward Bernays Crystallizing Public Opinion will have a similar impact Concise Guidance and lucid if due to the original publication in 1923 somewhat dated examples make for encompassing reading It is fascinating that most of the literature on PR which has appeared since does not surpass the insights Bernays expounded so long ago.
Bernays thinking has two pillars First, he recognizes that the public, due to the spread of literacy and democratic forms of government feels that it is entitled to its voice in the conduct of these large aggregations, political, capitalist, or labor, or whatever they may be p.
66 Therefore, any organization in society, no matter if it is a political entity, a company or a non profit organization is looked at as some sort of p This is a really great and short book by Edward Bernays that basically summarizes a lot of things that he is known about Nothing unnecessarry is provided here in comparison to his other books IT is the best book from him to read.