Trailer ë Bobby Jones on Golf: The Classic Instructional by Golf's Greatest Legend (English Edition) PDF by º Robert Tyre Jones

I ve been playing for about 2 1 2 years now, and I usually shoot in the 91 to 94 range, although I can break 90 occasionally when the stars align properly I ve read a lot of golf books in the last few years, and this one is excellent I will re read and refer to for years to come Jones gives a lot of great advice regarding course management and getting out of difficult situations, as well as discussing his philosophy of the game If you re tired of reading dry books regarding swing mechanics and swing theory, and want some real practical advice on other aspects of the game, you can t go wrong with this book This one will be in your kindle library for years.
One of the top three or four instructional books on golf ever written No player of Jones caliber could come close to utilizing the English language to convey meaning like him He was definitely the most intelligent of the great champions, however Hogan s IQ may have been higher Unfortunately, Hogan used the majority of his IQ to dissecting the golf swing, and had very few other passions or great interests like Jones The greatest three golfers in history are without question Nicklaus, Jones, and Hogan followed by Nelson and Snead The top three can go in any order you like and you would not be incorrect and would have a valid argument.
Where to start Maybe its Jones Harvard educated background combined with his Southern gentleman quality that melds into a style of writing that is unmatched in over 100 years of writings in golf instruction His conveyance of somewhat technical aspects of the game in an economy of words is astounding, and after reading the book probably 4 times now, I see new instances of incredible use of language with each reading Here is an example of Jones use of language this from the first chapter The great fault in the average golfer s conception of his stroke is that he considers the shaft of the club a means of transmitting actual physical force to the ball, whereas it is in reality merely the means of imparting velocity to the clubhead I like to think of a golf club as a weight attached to m Extremely well written and easy to read It was fun getting into Bobby Jones head and seeing from his point of view The passage on golf course design was especially fascinating considering that he built the Augusta national golf club This book is a work of art.

¾ Bobby Jones on Golf: The Classic Instructional by Golf's Greatest Legend (English Edition) ¾ Great book.
felt like all the principles have not changed throughout the years.
Jones is very clear A golf swing is graceful, not because it is made so, but because it is correct Only Bobby Jones offers nearly poetic writing while tackling the ever so complex act of striking a golf ball, and playing the game.
Mr Jones book is without a doubt the best about playing the game of golf Ben Hogan s Modern Fundamentals is a close second The difference Mr Jones discusses the game Mr Hogan discusses the swing.
Beginners and high handicappers should chuck all their golf magazines and golf tip books These only bring about tension and poor results Bobby Jones on Golf will raise any interested reader s game to a level that goes beyond how many knuckels should be visible or the position of the pinky toe all this while using the english language as well as he used his mashie.
A must read if you want to be a competitive golfer.
The Best Amateur Golfer Ever To Play The Game Comes Anessential Instructional Guide For Any GolferBobby Jones Is Universally Acknowledged To Have Been The Best Amateur Golfer Of All Time He Held At Least One Major Title Every Season Of His Career And Electrified The World With His Grand Slam, Winning All Four Major Amateur And Open Tournaments In The United States And Great Britain Bobby Jones On Golf Is A Trailer ë Bobby Jones on Golf: The Classic Instructional by Golf's Greatest Legend (English Edition) PDF by º Robert Tyre Jones Distillation Of All That He Learned About Playing Golf Over Than Half A Century Of Devotion To Amateur Competition Drawing Both On The Practical And The Theoretical, This Classic Work Addresses Such Topics As The Feel Of The Club, Placing The Feet, Using The Body, And Cultivating The Proper Backswing Like The Author S Impeccable Reputation, Bobby Jones On Golf Is As Timeless As The Game Itself