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Excellent This was a very informative book on post WW2 France and their involvement in Algeria I think a lot of lessons can be learned from this book both concerning international terrorism and specifically the acts of terrorism that have taken place in France in the recent years.
The book proves that torture and the dark arts work to solve an issue But the cost on the society and the practitioners is high I found it interesting that many of the torturers were tortured themselves in Indochina They actually used and refined the methods used on them And the fact that many Algerians fought side by side with them in Indochina, where the Viet Minh planted the seeds for rebellion was interesting.
France should have found a way to stay in Algeria and rise the tide of the native Algerians so that Just as the title says really This is a very well written and moving account from a man who served with the French in the Algerian War 1954 1962 His family are French, but he appears to be and in many ways sounds muchAmerican He, none the less, served with France in this brutal conflict.
The whole story is exceptional readable he takes us through the early days of training to active service, and discusses some of the antics off duty as well he seems keen on sex Well, he s a young solider What I found remarkable was his open and candid way of talking about the brutality and torture that this war became known for He killed men with torture and is quite honets about the fact, apart from a nod to it seems wrong now he just presents it as the way things were, and p

Ted Morgan draws the seemingly flippant subject quote from Marcel, the owner of a bar, the Place des Trois Horloges the square of the three clocks in the Bab el Oued, a French working class section of Algiers, in the 1950 s Marcel also said I don t own any land I m fighting for the sun and the sea In all that sordid human experience that is grouped under the rubric of colonialism , Algeria stands largely alone, roughly only in company with South Africa In 1954, there were approximately one million people of European descent, living among, and on, ten million people of Arab and Berber descent Even for those who were not grands colons , that is, the rich colonists, the climate and land provided an attractive habitat The natives had fought French domination in a variety of ways, since it commenced in 1830 Most notably, in Setif, a place that British Prime Minister Harold McMil ↠´ My Battle of Algiers: A Memoir ¿ Ted Morgan s My Battle of Algiers provides a worm s eye view of the efforts made by the French Army to hang on to Algeria after they lost Indochina.
Morgan who had graduated from Yale and was working as a reporter in the US, was drafted by the French Army In an effort to honor the memory of his father, who died during WWII, Morgan chose to serve rather than renounce his French citizenship and continue his career as a journalist in America.
The book describes Morgan s training in the French army, his commissioning as a 2nd LT and his first couple of job in Algeria, first as transportation officer, then as an infantry platoon leaders, and finally as an Intelligence officer out in the bled As an intelligence officer Morgan essentially beat a prisoner to death in an effort to extract information and was so disgusted with himself and the process that he obtained aserene bil Ted Morgan is the American name adopted by Sanche de Gramont, a French American born in 1932 Ted Morgan is an anagram of de Gramont Shortly after graduating from Yale and beginning his career as a journalist, Morgan, then still a French citizen, was conscripted into the French Army in 1955 From September 1956 to December 1957 he served as a lieutenant in Algeria For the last eleven months of his service he helped write and put out a newspaper in Algiers, R alit s Alg riennes , that in actuality was a French Army sponsored organ of propaganda, addressed to the Arab community and intended to show France and the French Army though not necessarily the colons in a positive, benevolent light Thus, Morgan had a front row seat, at times far too close for comfort, of the Battle of Algiers that the French Army waged for control and pa a very honest report on what was not , in spite of its name, a full fledged battle between but a huge police operation led and executed by French paratroopers no bars held and all this was to no avail since Algeria finally got its independance and many of those paratroopers who were directly involved in this police operation had to live with remorse for the rest of their lives.
Personal Account Of His Experiences As A Young Officer During The Horrors Of The Algerian War In The S By A Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian Details The Horrific Events Of The Conflict, Which Included Bombings, Assassinations, Torture, And Other Unimaginable Barbarities , First ✓ My Battle of Algiers: A Memoir ☆ Download by æ Ted Morgan Printing