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This isa pamphlet than a book however it satisfied my needs.
I wanted a short, concise history to go towards a research that I am doing.
I read it in a day This is a copy and reprint of a book originally published 1891 There are the marks and dark patches in the margins which are a result of scanning These marks do not spoil the quality of the accountseems to have an uncanny knack at sourcing books that are otherwise difficult to get.
The delivery arrived within the estimated time and the price was spot on If you want a quick rush of History of Liberia then I would suggest this as a first taste.
Interesting take on a complex subject Very clearly documented History of Liberia I good read for someone without knowledge of the history of the country.

Thanks for taking me back home Love it happy tears My confusion is not on the book I have not read it My confusion is on the 1 review it received The reviewer gave the book I star, yet the information given on the book suggest good information was given on the subject of the history of the country Perhaps the concern was the length of the book.
Å History of Liberia Å It s difficult reviewing a book all 53 pages that was not what I thought it was going to be I am currently writing a book on my adventures during four visits to Ghana as a field biologist but needed information on Liberian history Why Liberia On my way to Ghana, accompanied by a student, in 1979, our Pan American flight ended in Liberia because there was a coup d etat in Ghana Although I have a library of well over 500 books on Africa, I had little on Liberia and wanted to include some facts about Liberia in my description of our week there When searching for a History of Liberia on .
com, this book popped up Okay, so it was short, but perhaps it provided a nice concise history of major Liberian moments in its history The date of publication was listed as 2009 When I opened the book upon it s arrival, I discovered that this was a repu Paper Claims To Be Scarcely Than A Brief Sketch It Is An Abridgment Of A History of Liberia In Much Greater Detail, Presented As A Dissertation For The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy At The Johns Hopkins University I Have Devoted The Leisure Hours Of Several Years To The Accumulation Of Materials, Which I Hope Will Prove The Basis Of A Larger Work In The [J.
McPherson] Ç History of Liberia [moroccan PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Future