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The book came quickly and us excellent condition.
A regular reader of the Telegraph I always enjoy the letters section However I have very much enjoyed reading this book, with many a wry grin and sometimes an outright chuckle An amusing collection of unpublished letters Was appreciated as a stocking filler by someone who regularly reads The Telegraph.
As with this whole series of unpublished letters to the Telegraph books there are some very witty and funny letters here, a number had me laughing out loud, many others raised a smile Well worthwhile since it proves the intelligence of many Telegraph readers.
Õ Did Anyone Else See That Coming.
? (Unpublished Letters to The Daily Telegra)
í It was up to the usual standard This is a popular annual publication and relies on the paper readers letters and good editing.

The recipient s comment after stating she can t put it down So funny and unbelievably absurd that these unpublished letter to the Telegraph didn t get used They should have They are so ridiculous She loves it I bought this as a stocking stuffer having read the positive reviews, however I was disappointed that contrary to the glowing reviewsthan half the letters were neither funny nor interesting Too many were simply ho hum with grade school level humor at best However the letters are very well written, many in old school English hence will use it for a middle schooler s stocking.
I have every book in the series and this is another cracker Please keep em coming Iain Hollingshead In The Best Selling Series Of Unpublished Letters, This Is A Year In Review Made Up Of The Wry And Astute Observations Of The Unpublished Telegraph Letter Writers In A Year In Which Even The Most Seasoned Commentators Have Struggled To Keep Pace With The News Cycle, Letter Writers To The Daily Telegraph Have Once Again Provided Their Refreshing Take On Events Readers Of The Telegraph Letters Page Will Be Fondly Aware Of The Eclectic Combination Of Learned Wisdom, Wistful Nostalgia [ Iain Hollingshead] ä Did Anyone Else See That Coming.
? (Unpublished Letters to The Daily Telegra) [film PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ And Robust Good Sense That Characterise Its Correspondence But What Of The % Of The Papers Huge Postbag That Never Sees The Light Of Day Some Of The Best Letters Inevitably Arrive Too Late For The News Cycle, Or Dont Quite Fit With The Rest Of The Days Selection Others Are Just A Little Too Whimsical, Or Indeed Too Risqu, To Publish In A Serious Newspaper And Than A Few Are Completely And Utterly And Wonderfully Mad Thankfully Iain Hollingshead Is On Hand To Give The Authors Of The Best Unpublished Letters The Stage They So Richly Deserve Baffled, Furious, Defiant, Mischievous, They Inveigh And Speculate On Every Subject Under The Sun, From The Rubbish On Television These Days To The Venality Of Our MPs With An Agenda As Enticing As Ever The Ninth Book In The Bestselling Unpublished Letters Series Will Prove, Once Again, That The Telegraphs Readers Have An Astute Sense Of What Really Matters