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The Summer OfPaparazzi Trained Their Telescopes On Byron And The Shelleys Across Lake Geneva Mary Shelley Babysat And Wrote Frankenstein Byron Dieted And Penned The Prisoner Of Chillon His Doctor, Polidori, Was Dreaming Up The Vampyre Together They Put Switzerland On The MapFrom Rousseau To Nabokov, Le Carr To Conan Doyle, Hemingway To Hesse To Highsmith, Switzerland Has Always Provided A Refuge For Writers As An Escape From World Wars, Oppression, Tuberculosis Or Marriage For Swiss Writers From The Country Was Like A Ç read Ç The Gilded Chalet: Travels through Literary Switzerland by Padraig Rooney ñ Gilded Prison The Romantics, The Utopians And Other Spiritual Seekers Viewed Switzerland As A Land Of Milk And Honey, As Nature S Paradise In The Twentieth Century, Spying In Neutral Switzerland Spawned The Finest Espionage And Crime FictionPart Detective Work, Part Treasure Chest, The Gilded Chalet Takes You On A Grand Tour Of The Birthplace Of Our Best Loved Stories, Revealing How Switzerland Became The Landscape Of Our Imagination This was a present but the recipient has reported that it is highly entertaining and informative.
Dense with sly detail, expansive coverage of naughty tidbits about authors who played, wrote, and recuperated in Switzerland over the centuries Wonderful synopsis of the place and its influence on major writers, trend setters and revolutionaries Written in a fluid zippy style bringing techno pop allusions into the lush interiors frequented by the g litterati who peopled Switzerland for part of their productive years Deep research and excellent writing make this a joy to read.
Reveals so much about why Switzerland is the way it is to a British person like myself Lots of thoughts suddenly matched up and questions I had were answered Padraig Rooney is a great raconteur Ì The Gilded Chalet: Travels through Literary Switzerland ✓ Padraig Rooney has done a great service to Switzerland He has single handedly rescued it from an unfair reputation for being on the dull side by taking us for a long enjoyable walk on the wild side with literary lions who roared in Switzerland and were, in part, inspired by the peculiar chemistry of the celestial landscape, the country s adherence to micro democracy, punctiliousness, and sharp eye for the main chance when it comes to turning a fast buck There has to be something special about a country where the horizons are jagged and which only recently joined the UN Rooney serves up a very funny and insightful travel book which brings us from Julius Caesar to James Bond with anecdotes and musings galore on the comings and goings and literary outpourings of Rousseau, Byron, Shelley, Mann, Wells, Joyce, Durrenmatt, Eliot, Fitzgerald, Bouvier, F Interesting with an occasional error John le Carre Byron, Shelley Patricia Highsmith and many, manyof them They ve all been holed up in Switzerland at one time or another And Padraig Rooney has been in hot pursuit, tracking them down, sniffing them out This is a glorious romp, and an erudite one, through the centuries and around and about the literary big beasts who have succumbed to the siren lure of Switzerland Rooney s book is a treasure trove of information and insight and he prises the lids offthan a few murky pots He is very knowledgeable, very acerbic, and very, very funny And he reveals in acute asides something of his own love hate attitude to his adopted home of Switzerland It s not only the writers who come under his spotlight other wealthy Toads and emperor moths are caught in the headlights But it s the writers he loves.
If you have been a tourist in Switze This is an amazing book for lovers of Switzerland and of literature of which I am both Absolutely full of information about famous writers and their work as well as vivid descriptions of the scenery, it gives such an insight into the world of literature starting with Jean Jacques Rousseau as well as describing how people travelled to Switzerland to work and play and the reasons why It also gives a background to how Calvinism came into being and the religious mood of the time A fantastic and unique book.