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Brilliant very god I absolutely loved this book .
It maybe a little to much to believe for some people but it works for me , especially as I had just come back from Egypt .
Can't wait to read the next one when I find it at a reasonable price Oh my days, what a fascinating read! ¸ The Stone of the Plough: The Search for the Secret of Giza This book is the sequel to Ann Walker's first bookLittle One, a message from planet Heaven.
This book involved secrets about mankinds spiritual development involving the Red Indian Nations and records the damage that man is doing to the planet and forecasts the condtions of massive weather disruptions that we are experiencing now.

The sequel records her spiritual communications with her guide White Arrow and his helpers, who take her on a trip of enligthenment, back in time before the pyramids were built, giving her ancienct secrets in four dead languages, about the pyramids and their astral alignments.
they reveal to her the ancient secrets of the buildings, and mankind's arrival on this planet, also they chart the spiritual evolution of mankind from then until the present tim

Very interesting perspective.
A lot of light thrown onto the mysteries of the pyramids and brings them closer to home! I couldn't put the book down.
When I did fall asleep I dreamt of it.
I cried along with 'little one' and also felt the emotional impact of all that happened right along with her.
This is a wonderful and inspirationalbook and we must heed the words of 'White Arrow' before it is too late.
Iam anxiously awaiting news of the next event.
I was so inspired to help,to become a part of the quest to save the earth, I immediately sent acontribution to the "RainforestAlliance" and plan to send muchmore.
Been wanting to read for a while as previously read other material from author.

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