☆ Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country (Bryson Book 6) ↠´ Download by á Bill Bryson

Is The Driest, Flattest, Hottest, Most Desiccated, Infertile And Climatically Aggressive Of All The Inhabited Continents And Still Australia Teems With Life A Large Portion Of It Quite Deadly In Fact, Australia Has Things That Can Kill You In A Very Nasty Way Than Anywhere ElseIgnoring Such Dangers And Yet Curiously Obsessed By Them Bill Bryson Journeyed To Australia And Promptly Fell In Love With The Country And Who Can Blame Him The People Are Cheerful, Extrovert, Quick Witted And Unfailingly Obliging Their Cities Are Safe ☆ Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country (Bryson Book 6) ↠´ Download by á Bill Bryson And Clean And Nearly Always Built On Water The Food Is Excellent The Beer Is Cold And The Sun Nearly Always Shines Life Doesnt Get Much Better Than This Another good read I am working my way through Bill Bryson s books He can combine history with humour Well written, I especially liked the bit where Bill and his photographer were in the outback He wrote that there were only fourteen deadly snakes in Australia They thought they saw a red back spider, almost tried to jump into each others arms A woman picked it up and pronounced it dead and said that the snakes weredangerous, but to just stand still and let it slide over your foot Advice Bill wryly remarked they wouldn t be taking His descriptive style of writing , humour etc make his books a joy to read.
Loved Bryson s witty and informative short summary of the great continent of Oz Mind you, you do have to wonder why a seasoned traveller such as him would drive 600 miles to Ayers Rock without booking a hotel room in advance or walk half way across Perth without a hat and be surprised to get sunburnt Treeflower has competetion Bill Bryson travels the length and breadth of Australia He graphically describes it s incredible size, and how different it is, including flora, fauna and people, plus its extraordinary geography An absolute must who everyone who loves Bryson s style.
» Down Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country (Bryson Book 6) á Having been to Australia, I love this book It cannot cover the entirety of Australia, which is the largest island in the world He is very funny, but also quite intelligent in his coverage of the Aborigines.
I agree with another reviewer that he overdid the poisonous creatures lurking in the country, as I never saw anything at all during my long visit However, this chapter does concentrate the mind I like the Australians, and so does Bill OK, he wasn t impressed with Darwin or Canberra, but that seems to be pretty general He does give you an idea of the size of this country on the map, it does not look very far between A and B, butyou are talking days of travel in some cases.
Read it you will enjoy it I ve loved Bill Bryson s writing since I read his brilliant book about the UK, Notes from a Small Island several years ago He s not lost any of his style and wit with this book He writes using very subtle humour that sneaks up on you and catches you when you least expect it, excellent writing The details of the history of Australia is very interesting, as are the descriptions of the country s unique flora and fauna This is a humorous and informative tale of Oz, and has to be essential reading for anyone planning a visit to that wonderful country.
Jonathan Nicholas Author of Oz A Hitchhiker s Australian Anthology.
Australia is not on my list of places to visit although unluckily New Zealand is, so I ll probably go to Australia by default and this brilliant travelogue really spelled out to me why not It s too big, too depopulated and too full of things that want to kill you Bryson s travel writing has gone down somewhat in my estimation after his great history based books, but this is a top choice, even for those of us whose Australia experience is best confined to re runs of Neighbours.
I have to admit to being a fan of Bill Bryson s books mainly because they are so enjoyable and easy to read This book is no different and with plenty of amusing anecdotes it didn t take me long to finish I certainly learnt a lot about Australia and its history which was an added bonus Highly recommended.