Download Epub Format Ó Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa: Finding Healing Through Travel PDF by · Tina Dreffin

I love this book the story of an adventurous woman and her family and their journey to South Africa to take delivery of their new catamaran, and their sometimes perilous ocean passage back.
Threaded between the narrative of their sailing trip is the story of the author s journey and her own voyage of discovery Her candor and her courage stand out on every page, along with the love and strength that bind their family together.
Her descriptions of the different places they visit are vivid and colorful, and you gain a sense of their spirit and sense of exploring She balances the trip events with just the right amount of introspection, philosophy, and musing about parenting.
Full disclosure I have known the author and her family for nearly 30 years We met while we were liveaboard cruisers in the Bahamas raising our children on board sailboat Bluewater Walkabout Into Africa Is A Memoir About An Adventure In The Wild Bush Of Africa And A Family Sailing Journey But When Her Sons Bring Along Two Friends Who Upset The Family Balance, Rogue Waves And Great White Sharks Threaten The Family S Safety Tina Begins To Deal With A Mysterious Health Problem, And The Perils Of Life At Sea Become Very Real The Book Begins With An Outlandish Safari Through Africa, During Which Tina Reflects On The Challenges That Download Epub Format Ó Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa: Finding Healing Through Travel PDF by · Tina Dreffin A Life Lived Differently Can Bring Half Running From An Early Adulthood Fraught With Sexual Trauma, And Half Running Towards A Dream, Tina Met Her Husband And The Two Of Them Decided To Live A Life At Sea This Story Is Candid, Moving, Heartfelt, And Beautifully Written What Sets It Aside From Other Sailing Memoirs Is That It Is About So Much Than The Journey Tina Writes About Topics Such As Mental Illness, Sexual Assault, The Loss Of A Child, And The Challenges Of Motherhood These Are Naturally Woven Into The Narrative, Creating A Layer Of Complexity And Strength, Making It Enjoyable To Those Who Have Been To Sea And Those Who Have Not A love story love of travel, love of adventure, love of family, love of freedom, love of life All written from the heart with Tina taking the reader along on a journey that most people can only imagine in their dreams If you like sailing, adventure, travel, and unique memoirs, you ll love Bluewater Walkabout Into Africa This book has it all a journey of personal growth and healing related with a wonderful, personable, and easy to read writing style, a family story of sailing the high seas while home schooling two precocious boys, and vivid descriptions of the places Tina and her family explored.
Tina talks about her feelings in a way that I can relate, for example Tears came to my eyes The dolphins surprise visit was one reason we cruised to experience life raw and hard, then high and bright Like Tina, I m a world circumnavigator who also experienced the tremendous highs and lows of cruising I met and Tina, her family, and their yacht, Scud, in the small town of Uligan, Maldives I can assure you that she is as curious, friendly, honest, and full of fun in person as she is in Bluewater Walkabout is easily one of the most interesting, unique, and immersive memoirs that I ve come across in a long, long time I mainly enjoyed this story because the story has a very adventurous theme that is also complimented and expressed by a writing style that doesn t fail to hook the reader in and convey the scenes in a way that, for me personally, made it very easy to imagine everything in a vivid way just as I think the author truly intended.
As well as this, I think the undertone of the writing style has a very personal and even at times relatable vibe to it Tina has lived a live much different than mine, but I couldn t help but find myself connecting to her thoughts and experiences in a way that made the reading experience to be very touching for me This is also du Û Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa: Finding Healing Through Travel ã I can tell you I have never been so deeply and profoundly affected by such a beautifully written portrayal of a woman s journey of healing through her voyages on the ocean, childhood upbringing, and significant familial and personal relationships I spent five hours non stop reading her book, unable to put it down She is a master at weaving stories that had me bellowing in laughter and tears flowing at the heartaches and challenges she suffered I hope she continues her journey with another book I will certainly be waiting to readof her moving and touching tales about her life.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bluewater Walkabout Tina s flowing writing style made it easy to read I followed her adventures with nostalgia I take my hat off to Tina for sharing with the world her very intimate and painful experiences as well It made her novel not only an adventure story but a inspirational and motivational book as well I m sure she is helping a lot of women combat their own demons I didn t like the ending very much, it was too abrupt for me I felt that there was a chapter missing between the last two chapters I hope that there will be a sequel.
Bluewater Walkabout is definitely a must read for anyone needing encouragement to be adventurous, for anyone who is suffering from painful past, and for anyone who want to spend a few enjoyable hours reliving someone else s adventures.

An inspiring true story, I have read many books but this one changed my entire outlook on life and travel Tina writes with passion and such detail that you feel like you are there on the journey too I hope this book encourages manyto leave the monotony of humdrum life in search for the extraordinary, as it did me Thank you for sharing your story with us Tina x What a wonderful journey I have been on Enjoyed every moment and sorry that it is over Would thoroughly recommend.