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Bought this as part of my course it is about one of the most infamous experiments in history written by the very person responsible Not to be missed for psychology or criminology course work.
Part Of Harper Perennials Special Resistance Library Highlighting Classic Works That Illuminate Our Times A Special Edition Reissue Of Stanley Milgrams Landmark Examination Of Humanitys Susceptibility To AuthoritarianismThe Classic Account Of The Human Tendency To Follow Orders, No Matter Who They Hurt Or What Their Consequences Washington Post Book WorldIn The S, Yale University Psychologist Stanley Milgram Famously Carried Out A Series Of Experiments That Forever Changed Our Perceptions Of Morality And Free Will The Subjectsor Teacherswere Instructed To Administer Electroshocks To A Human [Stanley Milgram] ☆ Obedience to Authority (The Resistance Library) [strippers PDF] read Online ✓ Learner, With The Shocks Becoming Progressively Powerful And Painful Controversial But Now Strongly Vindicated By The Scientific Community, These Experiments Attempted To Determine To What Extent People Will Obey Orders From Authority Figures Regardless Of Consequences Milgrams Experiments On Obedience Have Made Us Aware Of The Dangers Of Uncritically Accepting Authority, Wrote Peter Singer In The New York Times Book Review With An Introduction From Dr Philip Zimbardo, Who Conducted The Famous Stanford Prison Experiment, Obedience To Authority Is Milgrams Fascinating And Troubling Chronicle Of His Classic Study And A Vivid And Persuasive Explanation Of His Conclusions If you have ever wondered why people are so very obedient and work, and often so gullible, you MUST read this book Milgram understand exactly what makes us tick Surprisingly, money hardly comes into it, although this is how we invariably sell it to ourselves, as it is so much attractive than accepting you bow to authority at the earliest possible time True and startling what humans can do, with very little persuasion.
 Obedience to Authority (The Resistance Library) ✓ Handy book.
Yh good Worth the read Still resonates.

Although Milgram conducted his experiments in the 1960s his words ring as true today as then He initiated his research into how far ordinary people will go when given orders by a scientist to deliver electric shocks to a subject Over 60% were willing to give the maximum 450 Volts and cause the subject to scream with pain Of course there were no shocks and the subject was an accomplished actor, but the experimenter did not know this As long as the experimenter thought that he she did not have responsibilty for the outcome, most would continue to give the shocks to a high level The darkest times of human history bear this out, but at a much mundane level, anyone who has worked in a hierarchical institution whether a company or a school will know how most people will almost instinctively obey their seniors in the pecking order without question even when an obvious mistake has This is an excellent book It has a nice forward by Zimbardo which is worth reading The Milgram obedience experiment is well known, but the book clears up misconceptions and goes through the 19 variations not so commonly reported Easy to read and fascinating I am an A Level Psychology teacher and have put this on my student s reading list.