Download Epub Format Ö Vietnam: An Epic History of a Divisive War 1945-1975 PDF by é Sir Max Hastings

Interesting details, well written My Lai and Calley was short in detail of the problem the US army had with finding new competent officers later in the war Calley would never have been an officer earlier in the war He couldn t even map read to the required standard never saw the enemy yet suffered casualties Not mentioned in this book but very important It feels like it was written for the American market, but I m pleased I bought this book.
This book cleared up many of my misconceptions I now have some idea of how the sequence of events had a certain logic to it The author also correctly stresses the frightful tyrrany the victorious communists imposed on their people This aspect of the war s history has been neglected in the past.
I had some difficulty with the author s vocabulary I susect that this is due to the book s having beem written with an American readership in mind.
This is a very sound account of the Vietnam war by an accomplished journalist and military historian Hastings reported on the war as a young reporter The book is certainly not a masterpiece nor is it definitive because although the author has used, as have many others, recently released archives there are manyin the vaults of Russia, China and Vietnam that will not be released for many years, if ever Hastings has interviewed many who participated in the war and their recollections add to the richness of the narrative but again this is hardly new Hence, for the specialist this book tells us very little that is new For the general reader who is not already satiated with the war this is an excellent synthesis of existing knowledge about the war Like all of his books it Hastings suffers from the misfortune that I had just put down Bernard Fall s Streets Without Joy and was therefore horrified to read a paragraph transcribed virtually word for word from that excellent work without accreditation Hastings would have done well to have started his story after the French departure because M Fall is was a vastly superior historian and philosopher with clearly far greater insight than MH Otherwise as an agglomeration of other people s work it is a good place to start an appreciation of Vietnam 1945 to 1975 Not as good a work as some of his others which I have much enjoyed.

Vietnam: An Epic History of a Divisive War 1945-1975 ✓ Why is it that we disbelieve journalists but we believe what Max Hastings writes I suppose because noone could make up this story with this detail it is a fabulous read I travelled through Vietnam back in1999 when the country was still recovering I think it helps me to understand just a little bit what it must have been like to live through the war and particularly we were able to speak to ex VC and others MH is quite right when he says the communist system does not forget My advice is read the book and go there It is a lovely country and lovely people.
This horrible, disgraceful story is well told I do consider, however, that the War Crimes could have been emphasisedThere were a number of Generals who should have been indicted and put to to trial Many soldiers should have been put in gaol The use of Napalm and defoliation is utterly despicable and the damage done to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam stands shoulder to shoulder with War Crimes in the Second Word War The sad thing is that the Americans learnt nothing from this war.
SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERHis Masterpiece Antony Beevor, SpectatorA Masterful Performance Sunday TimesBy Far The Best Book On The Vietnam War Gerald Degroot, The Times, Book Of The YearVietnam Became The Western Worlds Most Divisive Modern Conflict, Precipitating A Battlefield Humiliation For France In , Then A Vastly Greater One For The United States InMax Hastings Has Spent The Past Three Years Interviewing Scores Of Participants On Both Sides, As Well As Researching A Multitude Of American And Vietnamese Documents And Memoirs, To Create An Download Epub Format Ö Vietnam: An Epic History of a Divisive War 1945-1975 PDF by é Sir Max Hastings Epic Narrative Of An Epic Struggle He Portrays The Set Pieces Of Dienbienphu, The Tet Offensive, The Air Blitz Of North Vietnam, And Less Familiar Battles Such As The Bloodbath At Daido, Where A US Marine Battalion Was Almost Wiped Out, Together With Extraordinary Recollections Of Ho Chi Minhs Warriors Here Are The Vivid Realities Of Strife Amid Jungle And Paddies That KilledMillion PeopleMany Writers Treat The War As A US Tragedy, Yet Hastings Sees It As Overwhelmingly That Of The Vietnamese People, Of Whom Forty Died For Every American US Blunders And Atrocities Were Matched By Those Committed By Their Enemies While All The World Has Seen The Image Of A Screaming, Naked Girl Seared By Napalm, It Forgets Countless Eviscerations, Beheadings And Murders Carried Out By The Communists The People Of Both Former Vietnams Paid A Bitter Price For The Northerners Victory In Privation And Oppression Here Is Testimony From Vietcong Guerrillas, Southern Paratroopers, Saigon Bargirls And Hanoi Students Alongside That Of Infantrymen From South Dakota, Marines From North Carolina, Huey Pilots From ArkansasNo Past Volume Has Blended A Political And Military Narrative Of The Entire Conflict With Heart Stopping Personal Experiences, In The Fashion That Max Hastings Readers Know So Well The Author Suggests That Neither Side Deserved To Win This Struggle With So Many Lessons For The St Century About The Misuse Of Military Might To Confront Intractable Political And Cultural Challenges He Marshals Testimony From Warlords And Peasants, Statesmen And Soldiers, To Create An Extraordinary Record