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I love the movie, and was excited for the picture book The illustrations in this book are fantastic Also, the use of vocab in the book is excellent, they use complex words but, always define them in a kid friendly way This book is a strong hybrid text as it is both a biography, but it also has parts that are almost pure nonfiction with not much story The other advantage to this book is that it does an excellent job of telling the reader about the time period this took place Readers learn lots of facts about how NASA came to be, and what life was like for African Americans in the 1950s This can lead to an excellent discussion regarding how the time period played a role in the lives of the characters However, I read this aloud to my 3rd graders, and because the book is long and not always riveting , we read it over a few days Reading it over a few days was fine, I was just expecting On The New York Times Bestselling Book And The Academy Awardnominated Movie, Author Margot Lee Shetterly And Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award Winner Laura Freeman Bring The Incredibly Inspiring True Story Of Four Black Women Who Helped NASA Launch Men Into Space To Picture Book Readers Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, And Christine Darden Were Good At Mathreally Good They Participated In Some Of NASA S Greatest Successes, Like Providing The Calculations [ read Online Hidden Figures Ì world-of-darkness PDF ] by Laura Freeman ✓ For America S First Journeys Into Space And They Did So During A Time When Being Black And A Woman Limited What They Could Do But They Worked Hard They Persisted And They Used Their Genius Minds To Change The World In This Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book Edition, We Explore The Story Of Four Female African American Mathematicians At NASA, Known As Colored Computers, And How They Overcame Gender And Racial Barriers To Succeed In A Highly Challenging STEM Based CareerFinally, The Extraordinary Lives Of Four African American Women Who Helped NASA Put The First Men In Space Is Available For Picture Book Readers, Proclaims Brightly In Their Article Must read Picture books Of Will Inspire Girls And Boys Alike To Love Math, Believe In Themselves, And Reach For The Stars Can t wait to read it to my students Fabulous book I bought it for my first grader and she loves it It tells the story with a lot of detail that is usually lost in children s stories It also does a great job of explaining complex topics like trajectories and sonic booms in a way that kids can understand And the art is beautiful, to boot.
I love that this is not only the story book with beautiful illustrations but it also has a term glossary and historical content like the visual timeline.
½ Hidden Figures Ä I bought a couple of different books o This subject to allow my students to see how the same story can be told, but through different perspectives They loved it and asked me to read it again They loved the talking points it inspired, which ties back to prior learning, about the cival rights movement and women s rights movement I love choosing books that inspire a child to think about the culture and time frame the story is taking place The why behind the actions of the characters This book did that for our classroom I believe it was a great addition to our solar system and space unit of study.
Note People that gave this one or two stars were confused there are several versions of the original 375 page book for adults This picture book is for young children, and there is another version for middle graders in 3 7th grade The author is telling this story to all levels of readers, so watch what you are buying This is a perfect picture book version of a complex and compelling story The authors do a fine job of capturing the times in which these future pioneers grew up, facing discrimination both because of their race and their gender We see their brilliance and their perseverance The science is beautifully explained for younger kids The illustrations are very relatable Several copies of both the picture book and the middle grade books versions belong in every elementary school First through third grade teachers should read it

Love this book I bought it for the kids in my class when we were doing space and they loved it The illustrations are great and the text is very accessible Great book for kids to be inspired Lovely illustrations The story was simple Enough for my 6 1 2 year old to read it They loved it