✓ America: The Farewell Tour ¿ Download by ò Chris Hedges

This book is superb yet not an easy read, indeed it makes very uncomfortable reading for what Hedges is describing in the USA is happening here in Britain too read and prepared to get angry, very angry with the grotesque venal politicians and the corporations that jerk their strings It could never happen here, could it.
I d come across Chris Hedges via the podcasts of Jeremy Scahill Dirty Wars, Drone Complex, Intercepted et al And was intrigued by his clear and uncompromising approach to the underlying problems currently paralyzing America This book investigates, by useful headings, the reasons for the populist backlash against what is viewed as the theft of people s rights and well being by those who identify as the 1 per cent First thing to note is that Hedges is a socialist He speaks from this perspective throughout and whilst counter narrative appears in places it is normally there to justify the point being made To my mind this does not detract from the central message of the book but, in reality, strengthens the underlying message which is relentless workin Another insightful work by Chris Hedges that should be read by all who care about the current state of western societies Often brutal, stark and shocking, this work lifts the lid on the decline of a country and on industries that commodify human beings He outlines how this decline and those industries have been turbo charged by the west s dominant economic model, and by doing so he sheds much needed light on the root cause of America s malaise and its lurch to the alt right and to Trump.
Voices like Chris s should be heard and listened to as a counter to the troubling superficiality that has infected public and political discourse in general over the last few decades.

The author is a bit of a lefty Christian which is unusual for America where their Christians are usually far right as he admits The early pages of the book give too much respect to Marxism which has hardly been success to mankind However it goes into detail about a society collapsing into corporate domination and right wing control and the increasing lack of real freedoms in the USA along with a moral collapse However i cant help thinking he has focussed on the extremes of the usa and not the mainstream hasnt America always been a little extreme in many ways It s interesting to note that right wing Christians, left wing Christians and socialists are united in believing the usa is headed for some kind of collapse or destruction ✓ America: The Farewell Tour ✓ Amazing book exposing declining state that America is in The book is incredibly well researched, profound and hummn It is not our typical left right wing rant.
Beware, it can be hard going in some of Chris Hedges selected themes of this book.
study information Profound And Provocative Examination Of America In Crisis, Where Unemployment, Deindustrialization, And A Bitter Hopelessness And Malaise Have Resulted In An Epidemic Of Diseases Of Despair Drug Abuse, Gambling, Suicide, Magical Thinking, Xenophobia, And A Culture Of Sadism And Hate America, Says Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Chris Hedges, Is Convulsed By An Array Of Pathologies That Have Arisen Out Of Profound Hopelessness, A Bitter Despair And A Civil Society That Has Ceased To Function The Opioid Crisis, The Retreat Into Gambling To Cope With Economic Distress, ✓ America: The Farewell Tour ¿ Download by ò Chris Hedges The Pornification Of Culture, The Rise Of Magical Thinking, The Celebration Of Sadism, Hate, And Plagues Of Suicides Are The Physical Manifestations Of A Society That Is Being Ravaged By Corporate Pillage And A Failed Democracy As Our Society Unravels, We Also Face Global Upheaval Caused By Catastrophic Climate Change All These Ills Presage A Frightening Reconfiguration Of The Nation And The Planet Donald Trump Rode This Disenchantment To Power In America The Farewell Tour, Hedges Argues That Neither Political Party, Now Captured By Corporate Power, Addresses The Systemic Problem Until Our Corporate Coup D Tat Is Reversed, These Diseases Will Grow And Ravage The Country A Poignant Cry Reported From Communities Across The Country, America The Farewell Tour Seeks To Jolt Us Out Of Our Complacency While There Is Still Time