È Praying Through Your Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide è Download by ó Jennifer Polimino

I started reading this book in preparation for adopting a child in the future I wanted practical suggestions for praying for the woman who will be caring a child who will be in my care in the future This book compared eating McDonald s to child abuse No child will ever be removed from a home because their parent fed them McDonald s That is absurd and coparing unhealthy eating choices to child abuse is in poor taste In a world of perfectionism and harsh judgment, that statement was incredibly alienating I could not imagine being pregnant and reading this book This book also is a name it and claim it book If you pray hard enough, you won t have a miscarriage I don t believe God works that way A miscarriage often happens to people who pray for and want their child It wasn t a matter of a lack of faith I don t belie Through Your Pregnancy Shows A Mother How To Provide An Early Head Start For Her Child Through The Power Of Prayer With Fresh Spiritual Insight, Each Chapter Reveals What Is Happening With The Baby S Development That Week, Starting With The Very First Moment Of Conception, When God Begins The Creation Of Either A Boy Or A Girl Readers Will Learn How The Confidence They Place In God Affects The Healthy Development Of Their Precious Growing Baby, And How To Reduce Their Own Stress And Anxiety By È Praying Through Your Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide è Download by ó Jennifer Polimino Looking To The Creator In This Interactive Guidebook, The Author Shares Excerpts From Her Pregnancy Journal As An Encouragement For Women To Write Their Own Thoughts And Feelings, And Each Chapter Ends With A Mother S Prayer And Scriptures For Meditation PrayingThrough Your Pregnancy Wasa Christian Book Award Finalist I found this book shallow and theologically unsound There are many sections that can be misleading about how we should pray and the nature of God In one section she talks about her anxiety with a fetal test that possibly indicated Down syndrome for her baby She wrote about praying hard that her baby would be okay In the end, it was a false alarm for her, and she wrote that God was faithful and answered her prayers That type of thinking can be harmful I think it s better to pray that God would be in control in all circumstances, no matter what happens That the baby is a gift whether it has Down syndrome or not There are so many wonderful people with Down syndrome and their families are changed in amazing ways for the better because of them Trusting in God doesn t mean he gives you everything you think you should ha Love this book It gives you just enough information about each each to help you feel in touch with your baby and body but not so much that you get stressed Other pregnancy books gave me anxiety After a few months into my first pregnancy I only read this book and then I read this book again exclusively during my second pregnancy.
I loved the prayers in it I would meditate on them though out the week.
Praying Through Your Pregnancy: A Week-by-Week Guide ✓ Talk about transformational These weekly prayers and scriptures to pray over my child while pregnant revolutionized my first pregnancy and now my second With the world and other books what to expect scattering your thoughts with all that could go wrong, this book is all about reminding you the power of prayer Having a specific prayer to pray over my child coinciding with his her development that week is beyond empowering, and encouraging too I HIGHLY recommend buying this the minute you find out you are pregnant Those first couple of weeks, before your first ultrasound, or even the first trimester, can be full of fear, but not with this book at your fingertips.
The prayers God has given Jennifer in this book along with strong scriptures to pray over my child have also allowed God to speak other truths into my pregnancy and shed light on unnecessary fears I ve allowed to cree

Wish i had this earlier in my pregnancy It is an easy read with a lot medical info on baby s development than I expected.
Not too preachy for those that aren t too into that.
I love the stories and the prayers, they really spoke to my heart.
Def recommend I am a mother of 7 children, 4 angel babies who were lost between weeks 5 8, 2 beautiful, healthy girls, and 1 on the way I ordered this book as a way to pray for what appears to be my third healthy, growing baby I started at week 5, the week when I have lost 2 of my babies and needed some focus Hoping for some peace and encouragement, I was met with the story of Darla who goes in for her sonogram and is told the baby has no heartbeat, a story I am than familiar with The story, however, goes on to say that Darla did not accept this and she and her community of believers prayed and the child s heartbeat was found during another visit A fine story except for the fact that it is one sided Yes, miracles happen, but so does heartache If you are going to highlight one then you should talk about the other, because both are possibiliti