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One reviewer described this book as a an arduous read and for the first 30 chapters 200ish pages I would agree I found myself reading slowly to fully comprehend the complexities of each sentence The book is very well written with very strong and effective details When the H h are finally physically intimate the degree of complexity is greatly lessened and it becomes a much less challenging read The book offers a great deal of intrigue and eroticism with lengthy development for the H h s relationship, as well as a broad array of details about minor characters It s unlike any other book of this genre that I ve read and was meaningful and successful in so many ways It also had a few deficiencies that could be reader specific, but weighed heavily on my rating.
The cover is deceiving as it makes this book appear to be Love, love love love I am in deep love with Robin Schone and her books I can t stop reading them, and I have to have when I m done James and Francesbeautiful This is not your regular gorgeous young woman falling in love with a dashing no good rake , oh, no, this was such a real story Fourty nine year old, mother of 5 and grandmother, Frances finding herself AND finding love with 47 year old James It sucks when you can t find words to describe such an intense and deeply moving story All I can think of isWOW, this book is so wow I want to read it all over again I just hate when these books end I would be happy to read Robin s books forever Some points to mention smexthis book has so much smex I read some reviews where it was thought the Storia Che Infrange Tutte Le Regole Mentre Sta Girovagando Per Le Sale Di Un Museo Londinese, Frances Hart Si Imbatte Nel Singolare Club Degli Uomini E Delle Donne, Che Si Riunisce Per Parlare Di Sessuologia L Avvocato Penalista James Whitcox, Incuriosito Dalle Risposte Esplicite Che Quella Sconosciuta D Sul Proprio Desiderio E Sul Proprio Piacere, Insiste Affinch Frances Entri A Far Parte Del Club Ma Ci Che Iniziata Come Una Discussione Filosofica Per Esplorare I Pi Reconditi Aspetti Dell Erotismo, Ha Tutti I Download Epub Format  Scandalous Lovers PDF by ï Robin Schone Presupposti Per Trasformarsi In Una Liaison Perdipi Scandalosa Entre 2 y 3 estrellas porque no me ha disgustado del todo.
La idea del libro es buena pero la ejecuci n le ha salido mal Es un poco pretencioso Trata de filosofar sobre los derechos de la mujer en poca victoriana y no s , se le queda grande.
Û Scandalous Lovers Ò It has been nearly six years since Ms Schone s last novel Gabriel s Woman and in that time the erotic romance genre has grown from a few paltry titles into one of today s hottest markets in women s fiction E books have popularized erotic romance, making them widely available as well as giving newer romance writers their first taste of publication Even Harlequin, seeing the way of the wind, has gleefully jumped into this market with its Blaze and Spice lines With the popularity of this genre, it is to be expected that some books which purport to be erotic romances concentrate heavily upon the erotic and leave the romance somewhere out of the final edit Far from being a prude or a purist because I do enjoy plain old erotica as well , I ve found that these books attempt to out kink their competition by throwing in as many sex scenes as they can encompassing practically every form of lovep La rese a en el blog Love this novel.
Love this author.
And I wanted to get copy on my Kindle so I could reread on vacation, but the ebook price of 14.
99 as of 1 21 2011 is outrageous, imo.

Me est gustando bastante, porque son personajes que no suelen ser protagonistas en las novelas rom nticas, personajes maduros Hab a le do cr ticas sobre la crudeza del lenguaje que utiliza, pero creo que nos debemos poner en el contexto de la novela y la nula libertad sexual que hab a en esa poca para las mujeres y el puritanismo hip crita que dominaba la sociedad.
Los personajes secundarios tambi n son interesantes y espero que conozcamos algo m s de los miembros de este Club de hombres y mujeres.
Me ha gustado mucho No como El tutor, pero es que esta mujer escribe maravillosamente y es casi imposible no disfrutar de sus historias Intentar hacerle rese a para el Reto ntimo.
What an arduous read this was More than once I just wanted to put it down and start something else It s very well written and if you re looking at that alone it s a 5 star book, but it s listed as an erotic romance and I didn t feel much of the romance The book reads like historical fiction with erotic elements at times than romance It focuses a lot on how women were basically treated like chattel in Victorian England very scary and interesting but the romance part just fell flat The feminist message of how far women have come since those days is throughout the book The h h barely had a normal conversation with each other Lots of stilted dialogue and weird writing You definitely get a feel for the surroundings and the parts in the courtroom were quite vivid without being boring but the relationship between James and Frances was stale and the sex was way too clinical and sometimes