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And so the adventures of Oswald Bastable continue, thrusting him yet again through the barriers of time and into a strange Earth at once familiar and disturbing The themes and characters we explore are similar to the first volume, featuring at the center yet another Nemo esque warlord whose methods give our narrator uneasy pause By the end, we find ourselves liable to agree with Mr Bastable s suspicion that time is having a laugh at his expense, forcing him to experience history as variations on a theme , and not a theme he appreciates reliving.
Usually, describing a book like this as alternate history is a malapropism, since alternate means to shift back and forth between things while alternative means of a different sort So, if we described wind power as an alternate energy to coal, that would mean we would be constantly switching between wind and coal, not replacing one with the other Excellent sequel to The Warlord of The Air which continues the adventures of Oswald Bastable In this one, a USA that has re introduced slavery faces an African warlord out for revenge.
Of A World In Which Events Defy The Laws Of Space And Time Comes Michael Moorcok S Intriguing New Science Fiction Novel The Fantastic Tale Of Oswald Bastable, A Man Trapped Forever By Time The Desperation Of Bastable S Bizarre Fate Runs Deep, For An Unpredictable Time Warp Thrusts Him Into Strange Worlds, All Parallel To His Own, And Yet Different Throughout All This, Bastable Can Remain Steadfast In His Determination To Reach His Own [ Pdf The Land Leviathan: A New Scientific Romance ✓ transmississippi PDF ] by Michael Moorcock ñ Time, Because Of His Faith In One Woman, Inextricably Bound To Him In All Dimensions Of Time, And His Belief In The Existence Of A Secret Utopian Citadel But There Is One Thing That May Have The Power To Come Between Bastable And His Goal A Battle Of Armageddon So Horrifying In Its Believability That It Almost Obliterates His Ability To Keep Searching Unexpectedly smart, a grim but witty bit of afrofuturism blended with alt history.
↠´ The Land Leviathan: A New Scientific Romance ✓ Hugely enjoyable time jumping alternative universe from Moorcock This time moving from a Gandhi led South Africa to an African war on America.
There are a few similarities with the previous Bastable book but there s a little moral ambiguity in this one.
Fun and fast paced.
Entertaining in a modest way but certainly not his best work.

Segundo volume da trilogia que se iniciou com o influente Warlord of the Air, neste livro Moorcock volta a trocar as voltas ao capit o Oswald Bastable N mada dos fluxos temporais, o aventureiro est condenado a viajar por entre mundos alternativos sem nunca conseguir regressar ao continuum de onde proveio Crendo regressar ao futuro alternativo onde os dirig veis libert rios implantaram uma rep blica equalit ria no meio da China, descobre se num outro mundo, devastado por uma guerra sem quartel nem fim Nesta nova linha hist rica, as fa anhas de um inventor legam ao mundo uma prosperidade jamais vista A utopia parece, finalmente, ao alcan e da humanidade mas as velhas puls es cedo se voltam a revelar e as na es, agora pr speras e detentoras de tecnologias inimagin veis, mergulham o planeta numa guerra sem fim Com a Europa e a Am rica arrasadas sob uma chuva de bombas qu micas e biol gica Michael Moorcock s second novel starring Cpt Oswald Bastable is a rushed and rather confused handling of a very compelling theme This is only the second complete work by Moorcock that I ve read this book s prequel, The Warlord of the Air, being the first I originally became aware of Moorcock through his collaborations with the space rock band Hawkwind What first struck me about the Oswald Bastable novels is how deliberately antiquated they are the language and mannerisms of the characters would not be out of place in one of Edgar Rice Burroughs s earlier works Bastable reminds me significantly of a pre Warlord of Mars status John Carter , and this approach is generally quite charming What surprised me, however, is how paternalistic and, frankly, bigoted Bastable s take on an alternative historical situation often is This especially surprised me Michael Moorcockin Leviatan maan p ll Vaskikirjat, 2013 jatkaa sarjaa, joissa kerrotaan Oswald Bastablen merkillisist matkoista vaihtoehtohistoriallisissa maailmoissa.
Kirjan alkupuolella kuvaillaan Michael Moorcockin isois n matkaa Kiinassa, jossa h n yritt l yt Ilmojen sotaherrasta tuttua Bastablea kiinalaisesta laaksosta Hanke ep onnistuu, mutta mielikuvituksellinen k sikirjoitus p tyy j lleen h nen k siins Bastable kuvailee siin seikkailujaan vaihtoehtohistoriallisessa vuodessa 1907, jossa h n p tyy muun muassa Gandhin johtamaan idealistiseen Bantustaniin ja Mustaksi Attilaksi nimetyn, Asantin keisarikuntaa johtavan afrikkalaiskenraali Cicero Hoodin esikuntaan Kirja huipentuu taisteluun Yhdysvaltain it rannikosta, jolloin k ytt n otetaan Maanp lliseksi Leviataniksi nimetty valtava sotakone.
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