¸ Whispers in the Dark ã Download by ¹ Jonathan Aycliffe

This Second Chilling Novel By Jonathan Aycliffe, Orphaned Charlotte Metcalf Arrives On The Doorstep Of Her Relatives, The Mysterious Ayrtons, In The Hope Of Locating Her Younger Brother Arthur Their Home, Barras Hall, Is At First A Welcome Refuge, Until Charlotte Realizes That The Manor Has Become Her Prison, And That She Is Surrounded By A Horror She Cannot ¸ Whispers in the Dark ã Download by ¹ Jonathan Aycliffe Escape Very scary Had to sleep with the lights on I read a lot of romance, so I feel like I need to post a disclaimer here this book isn t even vaguely a romance It s pretty much straight gothic horror.
This Edwardian set tale focuses on the trials and trevails of 14 year old Charlotte Metcalf Raised in a successful merchant family, her father s death and a series of bad investments leaves her, her mother and brother in ever decreasing circumstances until they finally wind up in a grim workhouse When sent out to work as a teenager, Charlotte learns that her brother has disappeared from his work site with a vague tale of going to seek aid from distant cousins at their estate.
Charlotte sets off in search of her beloved brother, and when she arrives at Barras Hall, her cousins do indeed welcome her However, readers will quickly figure out that something seems a bit off And indeed, Charlotte starts to feel uneasy A great horror story I liked it almost as much as ☆ Whispers in the Dark ☆ Not one of Aycliffe s best and definitely does not bear comparison with Naomi s Room Saying that, it was still an engrossing read Very Gothic with a capital C , very dark and depressing And very predictable.
I felt the ending was rushed with no sense of resolution But that s possibly what Mr Aycliffe wanted to achieve.
What a terrific ghost story I loved the use of sensory details Aycliffe added to this story lots of sound and smell it gave the story an old school feel and the account based prose reminded me of Dolores Claiborne Definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoys classic tales of the supernatural or ritualistic lore based plots The characters were well structured and left just enough questions on the fringe of perception to allow for a story line that didn t stray away from the main plot in order to explain their peculiar personalities Overall it was well paced and a good, quick read.
4 5 Boilerplate gothic suspense sometimes you can judge a book by its cover Predictable creepy elements, mild violence, no romance.
Very readable and gripping gothic novel, with an unsatisfyingly vague ending similar to those of several other novels by Mr Aycliffe.
The book starts with a letter from a man named John Simpkins to his friend Norman telling him that he has found a strange journal among his deceased fathers posessions.
His father was a country doctor and one of his patients suffered from severe depression so he asked her to write about what troubled her Simpkins is forwarding the journal because he believes it to be true even if the recollections are very disturbing.
Then we switch to the journal of the woman Charlotte Metcalf she was born in 1887 and two years later her beloved brother.
Together with their parents they live a charmed Life her family is very wealthy her mother a heiress but without close relatives since her grandparents,parents and cousins all drowned in a horrific accident.
Her father does have relatives but he is estranged from them and one the one ocassion when Cha simply glorious