Trailer » Only Forever \ Thunderbolt over Texas PDF by ã Linda Lael Miller

Oof Rough I didn t even bother with the second story because I was so turned off by Only Forever I had absolutely no connection to either character and didn t see why I should care about them getting together The relationship felt very rushed and the love scenes were cliche which is saying something considering how much romance I read and never have a problem with I just don t think Miller is for me.
Three stars because the first story Only Forever by Miller was only a so so read The bonus book Thunderbolt over Texas by Dunlop , however, was really good Both stories were romance where they go back forth with the main couple figuring out if they are really meant to be a couple Both were interesting but I preferred Only Forever, even if there were ups downs in it, it kept my interest I finished that story in a short amount of time.

While interesting I don t think that this book was up the my normal expectations from this author The storyline while interesting was a little too jumbled for my taste I actually liked the Thunderbolt over Texas better.
Couldn t finish either story.
cute, wish she would have had a little bit faith and trust in nick, he was every girl s dream guy O Á Only Forever \ Thunderbolt over Texas Á Cute stories.
Can Be Deceiving Vanessa Lawrence Had A Talent Falling For The Wrong Man Case In Point, Her Ex Husband On The Outside, The Football Player Had Looked Perfect Handsome And Rich But Mr Perfect Turned Out To Be A Lying, Manipulative Philanderer, And Vanessa Vowed Never To Compromise Herself For A Man AgainThen She Met Nick DeAngelo He Was Also Handsome And Rich And He Just Happened To Be A Former Football Player His Disarming Trailer » Only Forever \ Thunderbolt over Texas PDF by ã Linda Lael Miller Charm Gave Her A Rush, And He Sure Knew How To Sweep A Girl Off Her Feet But He Was So Much Like Her Ex Husband Could She Trust Him Could She Trust Herself Could not rememberwas not interesting.
All of Mrs Miller s books are a GREAT read Always worth read over again