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In the book Beyond Foo Geth and the Return of the Lithens by Obert Skye, the main characters are Geth a lithen , Clover a sycophant , Payt, and Eve Geth and Clover are enjoying their adventures as usual and Geth gets bored and wants to have an adventure no one has ever tried to do While they camp out for the night they hear moaning in the distance and sooner or later a figure crawls over This figure was obviously a girl who got pretty scraped up, they try to help her and she tells them her name is Eve and that they must hurry and get on the other side of the wall before they come Geth doesn t know whats coming and they end up knocked out and wake up in a prison in Zendor Later they confront Payt the corrupt ruler of Zendor , Payt tries to turn them into bark covered soldiers, unfortunately for Payt it only m We listened to this one in the car It was alright my kids seemed to enjoy I didn t enjoy the land world that they were in I guess It also bothered me that this is book one in a spin off from another series and they often referred to happenings in the previous story I am the type that I want to read from the very beginning so I always felt like I was missing something I would let my kids listen to the next one and the narrator was good.
I quite enjoyed returning to some of the characters of the Foo series I found this one funny and entertaining.
SighI was really glad that there wasFoo material out there, but I was sadly disappointed Though I loved being with Geth and Clover again, I dearly missed Leven and Winter though we had reason for Leven s absence Plus, the story itself read like fan fiction The author was just throwing out randomness left and right, and it left me felling quite annoyed and sad Users Madeline Desktop Randomness Gifs Aww.
gif puts head in hands ppppppfffffbbbbt ¼ Geth and the Return of the Lithens (Beyond Foo, #1) ¼ Two words Leven Thumps It was one of my favorite book series ever And the only reason I read it in the first place was because of the cover of the third book I just picked it up at the library one day two years ago, summer vacation, and thought hey this book looks good, I ll look it up Ironically enough Leven Thumps is what got me into hardcore reading in the first place, before that ya I loved books but I never read them like I did after Leven Thumps That s also the year I found goodreads, a good few months later sure, but still the saw school year Thank you god Point is, I was so excited to find that Obert Skye was coming out with a new series because of how much I loved the Leven Thumps series And I wasn t surprised to find that the first chapter realy wasnt that entertaining, nor did it make me want to read on But of course I did, obvi

Now that Geth has helped to restore order to Foo, life is a littlewell, a little dull Clover, whose job is supposed to be helping Leven settle in, finds Leven has grown past needing much help The two of them are searching Foo for an adventure when the unthinkable happens someone from beyond the borders of Foo stumbles across their path And she needs help Geth and Clover were two of the highlights of the Leven Thumps series Geth, the tall, impossibly cheerful lithen, finds he s not exactly who he used to be Now that Ezra and he have reunited, Geth s normal lithen calm and cheer coexist with Ezra s impatience and rage And with the ever curious Clover by his side, Geth can find the strangest adventures The two play well off each other, even if Clover isn t quite as dramatic as he was with Leven There is only one piece of candy and some marshmallows I didn t want to see that plot device ove This was enjoyable enough to read, but not great I had some problems with the writing style, especially in the beginning He likes to use a lot of weird similes and comparisons that would always bump me out of the story while I decided whether or not I liked his phrase For example, The stones looked like a huge set of teeth in need of major orthodontia or The sun s belly hung like an expectant mother s, sending heavy rays of warmth down over the tranquil scene or Spiderwebs covered the opening like a dirty film over a withered eye These phrases definitely put pictures in your mind, but I felt like they were overused, especially in the beginning Either that or I just got used to them as I progressed through the book My second issue with t Did you ever wonder where the figures in your dreams go Well, apparently, they go to Foo But that story is for another time This is the first in a new series by author Obert Skye Leven Thumps series that goes beyond of the land of Foo with its happy dreams and hopes What lies beyond It s definitely not pretty It s still something out of your dreams, but there s no hopeful golden glow here This is a great story full of adventure and hilarious cheesy one liners that will have you chuckling throughout I looked forward to the opening paragraph of every single chapter when the narrator would wax eloquent on some totally random point in preparation forof the story Highly entertaining for everyone, but I think it would especially appeal to young boys This is the first in After the somewhat disappointing finale to the Leven Thumps series, I was hesitant to read this new series following Geth after the events in Ruins of Alder I am so glad that I took a chance, because this new series has started off with a bang Just like what sucked me into the Leven Thumps series, Geth and Clover have become a fun duo on a wild adventure that I did not see coming The 2 venture beyond the hidden border of foo to an unknown land that was believed empty The adventure that unravels takes twists I did not expect and introduces new species and characters, expanding the world we ve come to know Geth is not the character we knew in the other stories that laid back and let things happen, and to a certain degree that is sadly missed, but the new Geth allows the story to move forward without being dependent on fate As for the writing, I found it to be a little lazy in the b Is The Remarkable Realm That Allows Us To Hope, Imagine, And Dream Geth, A Fearless Lithen, Is One Of The Wisest And Most Respected Beings Of Foo At The Conclusion Of The Bestselling Leven Thumps Series, The Realm Of Foo Achieves Balance Dreams Can Once Again Thrive And Grow With Things In Order, Geth And The Beloved Sycophant Clover Set Off To Find A New Adventure That Leads Beyond The Hidden Border Of Foo And Into An Unknown Land Where Trailer ↠´ Geth and the Return of the Lithens (Beyond Foo, #1) PDF by Ð Obert Skye Dreams Have Been Trapped And Freedom Has Been Crushed Join Geth And Clover On A Page Turning, Mind Blowing, Laugh Out Loud, And Imagine The Impossible Quest Your Dreams Will Thank You