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I read this when I was just 9 years old and it was one of the books that made me fall in love with reading I really liked this book because it was about a girl who was too poor for her friends she lied about who she was to keep up with them she said she was rich and had the best life but i was all not real it took her a while to realise that all she really needed was good friends.
5 stars .
Ñ Discount Diva (Zodiac Girls) Ê loved it coz it was my sign D BEST 3 Is An Artistic Girl With Expensive Taste But No Money Like Most Tauruses, She Likes The Finer Things In Life, So Coming From A Poor Family Is Hard, And Sometimes She Tells Little White Lies To Keep Up With Her Well To Do Friends When Tori Finds Out That She Is A Zodiac Girl, She Thinks That Her Days Of Wearing Secondhand Clothes Are Over But Her Planetary Guardians Aim To [ Pdf Discount Diva (Zodiac Girls) À language PDF ] by Cathy Hopkins ↠´ Teach Her The Value Of Something Much Important Her Own Self Worth Ever Turn To Your Horoscope For Help In A Difficult Time Well, Zodiac Girls Have Something Even Better When Their Stars Are In Lucky Alignment, They Get A Cool Cell Phone And Personal Guidance From The Planets Themselves But It S Not As Easy As It Sounds It S Up To Each Girl To Make The Most Of Her Month As A Zodiac Girl Marketing ARC Mailings And Giveaways Horoscope Bookmarks Author Podcast Targeted Publicity Targeted Advertising Conference Promotions Online Promotions Zodiac Tattoos this was a pretty good book Leuk boekje om even tussendoor te lezen Verder niet echt veel spannends, maar ik weet zeker dat tieners van 10 12 het wel erg leuk zullen vinden.
It s Cathy All teenage girls must read Simple yet insightful Always love her work.