É Bring it Ô Download by É Tony Horton

A quick read, especially since I only read the first half of the book, which contains Tony s stories I already work out with BeachBody products, ie P90X, so the exercise details in the second half were redundant Sorry Tony I used Tony s expression, Do your best and forget the rest as an inspiration to get through P90X.
Who doesn t love Tony.
Of The Best Selling PX Workout Series, Tony Horton Shows You How To Bring Itfor The Results You WantOver The PastYears, Tony Horton Has Helped Millions Of People From Stay At Home Moms To Military Personnel To List Celebrities Transform Their Bodies And Their Lives With Innovative Workouts And Cutting Edge Advice Now In His First Book He Shares The Fundamentals Of His Fitness Philosophy With Millions , Revealing His Secrets For Getting Fit And Healthy And Melting Away PoundsOne Size Fits All Diets And Exercise Regimens É Bring it Ô Download by É Tony Horton Just Don T Work That S Why Tony Creates Unique Programs For Each Of His Clients In Bring Ithe Shows You How To Build Your Own Diet And Fitness Plan Tailored To Your Individual Lifestyle, Preferences, And Goals With A Fitness Quotient FQ Quiz Designed To Assess Your Likes, Dislikes, And Current Fitness Level, You Can Choose The Program That S Right For YouIn Photographs And Easy To Follow Instructions, Tony Demonstrates His Unique Moves And Exercise Combinations That Include Cardio Fat Burners, Lower Body Blitzers, Core Strengthening, Plyometrics, Yoga, And You Ll Also Discover Tony S Fat Blasting Eating Plan And Detox Tips, Delicious Recipes, And Mental MotivatorsWhether You Ve Never Been To The Gym Before, Are Looking To Get Bikini Ready, Or Simply Want To Take Your Workout To The Next Level, Tony Horton Can Give You The Results You Ve Been Looking For A Better Body And Future Is Possible When You Commit To Change Get Ready To Bring it Apparently, I know a lot about fitness as I really did not pick up anything new from this book However, I am a fan of P90x and Tony does a great job with his motivational talks and stories The pictures and descriptions of actual exercises are great and probably helpful to people just getting started The diet is the epitome of a strictly clean diet and their are some great looking recipes Definitely worth a look at this book if you are a P90x fan Also, provides some sample workouts.
Honestly I would have given 5 stars, if my expectations were not so high I am a huge fan of P90x and Tony Horton s health fitness philosophy The book does a good job of setting down the mental principles that need to be adopted to make lasting changes in your body The nutrition plan is also very informative and concise The workout moves are also explained in pictures and written details The one flaw is the workout plan is not that good I feel like the casual reader would not find it appealing enough to take a workout plan just out of a book A better strategy would be to try out one of Tony s home workout DVDs This would force people to keep with the workout Also the workouts suggested in the books have opportunities for distraction and idleness With a video workout you don t have a Those that are familiar with the P90X workout, either by using it or viewing the infomercials, know Tony Horton The energetic trainer, and creator of P90X, now brings his workout philosophy, exercise routines, and diet guidelines to print in Bring it The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches The book is laid out in an organized fashion and contains the important elements Horton wants you to incorporate into your lifestyle to get fit, live long, and live healthy The book is divided into four main parts, and these include Part 1 The Principles This part has four short chapters that focus on setting the groundwork for your fitness plan This includes determining where your current levels of fitness are and where you shou À Bring it Ò Quintessential Tony Horton It really helps to have partook in his DVD workouts to really get the crux of his voice in Bring it But even without having worked out with Horton in Power 90, P90X and the One on One series, the book provides those interested a great workout program and nutritional guide, including recipes.
If you re looking to jump start your life with a heavy dose of exercise and healthy eating, this is a perfect place to start.

This book has everything you expect from a fitness book It has a motivation, success stories, workout schedule, recipes.
the whole shebang I wanted to read this because I m starting his P90X program tomorrow and I like to have all the facts yea I m a nerd like that The thing I like the most is humor The book is I dare say adorable in a macho fitness way Tony is highly likeable persona If I lived in his hood and could afford it , I would totally make him my trainer.
Tony Horton is one of my fitness heroes mentors I ve done P90X a couple times, have done all the P90X3 workouts, and work both of those along with workouts he posts on his YouTube channel into my daily workout routines I absorb his interviews, and have watched him change from a hard core vegetarian 15 years to aopen minded fitness advocate Bring it The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shred Inches is pretty short and simple It contains some basic motivational material for fitness, three different fitness programs for differing levels of fitness very similar mindset to P90X3, including pictures and instructions , a cleanse plus diet plan, and recipes If you are just looking for a place to start, this would be a good book to check out If you are looking for some new fitness routines you can do at home with minimal It s hard to give this a rating, or even a review Apparently 2 5 stars means it was ok Which it was I enjoyed skimming through the motivational sections, including his chatty writing style in which he ll parenthetically muse about things like if clams are really happy That might get on some people s nerves though The actual workouts seemed good, and easy to do at home, so I like having the reference around However, the nature of the ebook edition is that it s a little harder to flip around to the right pages to help with the exercises And even the descriptions themselves with the accompanying pictures themselves aren t the best written or illustrated I ve seen Ideally the pictures should give you a pretty good idea and hint at what you re doing I couldn t really tell