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I ll be blunt, shall I I ve read cereal boxes that wereexciting than this book.
I might have been able to chalk this up to just another case of Insta Dystopia and moved on, but my disappointment is compounded by the fact that I ve read Crossan s The Weight of Water, and it s really good So I expectedfrom Breathe And it did not deliver.
Something called The Shift has caused oxygen levels to plunge and as there are no trees, the drastically reduced population live inside a Pod city Society is divided into a caste system, with Premiums at the top being able to afford extra oxygen to do things like exercise, dance and have sex whenever they want to The Auxiliaries, on the other hand, are basically underlings who have their lifestyle strictly curtailed by their inability to purchase extra oxygen Quinn is a Premium with a powerful father Bea is hi I read this one, and it isn t half bad

Check outof my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain Breathe washow do I give it justice It was amazing It was epic It was one of my favorite books this year After hearing some mixed things it seems like everybody either loves this novel or hates it I was a little reluctant to start it But, soon, I fell in love with this book and I could NOT put it down When I first found out I won this my immediate reaction was Review andathttps edwardsghostengine.
I ve got to admit I admired the ideas behind this book and looking at our modern day world, I can definitely see where the author is coming from with her ideas But despite all the action, reveals and all I still found this story rather flat.
Firstly the plot and conspiracy regarding the trees was surprising when I first started reading, but towards the end it became obvious where the author was taking things I think whether or not you agree with what I said or not depends really on how many YA dystopian novels you ve read I ve read a lot, and nowadays it takes either a really original idea or a very skillful author to surprise me with a book I also found the whole plot and style of writing quite weird and sometimes far It really pains me to say that I found Sarah Crossan s Breathe a significant disappointment in the line of YA dystopia fiction despite an interesting offering on a scientific concept what if oxygen were in rare supply in the overarching world What would happen to the people who couldn t afford to have it, since trees are said to have become extinct and only the wealthy, who control the production of the oxygen, can afford to buy their sustenance It sounds like an interesting concept right To be blunt, the oxygen notation of the book is just a side aspect of this dystopic universe it s never fully vetted out, though noted with some half hearted assertions about why the world is the way it is that comes across as offending and scientifically bogus Breathe chooses to center on the lives of three teens two girls and one boy Alina, Bea, and Quinn respectively in After I finished this book, I started thinking about how sometimes writers, who are known for a particular genre, suddenly decide to write something different and how odd it is I guess there are obvious genres a writer can go into Fantasy authors are comfortable writing sci fi Horror authors can write paranormal books.
But verse novels to dystopia I was sceptical, to say the least.
This book was alright I ve read a lot of dystopian books and I m beginning to feel a bit disillusioned I think dystopians and me well, we need to break up for a bit I need to take a step backlook after myself, see other genres, eat chocolate the usual.
While the story of Breathe was ok and relatively different to other dystopians out there, I can t really say that it brought anything new to the genre.
In the YA house party, the dystopians are the co Ý Breathe Ý 3.
5 starsGritty dystopians have really been hitting the spot as of late Breathe I m happy to say is a book which managed to tick a lot of my boxes in providing a masterfully woven novel which kept me on the edge of my seat when several books have failed There are only a distinct number of dystopians which I would categorise as utterly mind blowing and I m pleased to say Breathe is one of those books.
With the number of dystopians coming through these days, I ve become increasingly picky over what I choose to read Unfortunately the majority of the ones I ve decided to pick up have failed to live up to expectations But when I first came across Breathe, for once I didn t have any feelings of dread in deciding to pick it up The premise of a society dependant on the rules and regulations they re governed by that they don t have their Ab morgen, 10.
15 um 15 Uhr, findet ihr hier meine Rezension World Has No Air If You Want To Survive, You Pay To Breathe But What If You Can T And What If You Think Everything Could Be Different Three Teens Will Leave Everything They Know Behind In Sarah Crossan S Gripping And original Dystopian Teen Novel Of Danger, Longing, And Glimmering Hope Ever Since The Switch, When The Oxygen Levels Plummeted And Most Of Humanity Died, The Survivors Have Been Protected In Glass Domes Full Of Manufactured Air Protected Or Trapped Or Controlled Alina S A Revolutionary Who Trailer Ú Breathe PDF by ï Sarah Crossan Believes We Can Save The Environment Quinn S A Premium Who S Never Had To Worry About Having Enough Air His Best Friend, Bea, Is An Auxiliary Who S Never Worried About Anything But Having Enough Air When The Three Cross Paths, They Will Change Everything I m nervous, but I m not scaredI think Breathe is timely and relevant I think it is an eye opener to what will happen when trees and plants will vanish in this cruel world or when people, us, abused our natural resources and when there is no unity but greed among us.
And I think this book is a carrier of hope and faith, too.
Breathe gave me a typical dystopian world of a ruling government controlling the people through a promised hope And of course, there is the resistance, advanced technology and wastelands to complete the package The thing was it deals about the basic necessity of life which is the air, specifically oxygen, that made the storycomplicated and conflicted Nonetheless, I like Breathe, mainly because of the message the story conveyed but I like the story itself too, of course Hehe Even some events happened fast or it felt something like that, the story s progression isn t co