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Cherokee poet Awiakta wields poem and legend to successfully connect Appalachian histories Trail of Tears, frontier settlement, and splitting the atom at Oak Ridge for exploring East Tennessee s inheritance of these events implications The word economy and ample white space on each page make the text appear deceptively simple, yet the connections and revelations Awiakta weaves are haltingly profound.
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From the Untitled The Atom was Poetry in My Childhood poem Quark, quarka discovery in the atom sheart called bythe strange cry of the gull Quarka particle so small it can t be seen at allexcept by trace,like the high flying jet whose white trail against the sky is the only sign that itexists And beyondquarks may lie something so refined it has no form at allexcept inmystery.
Four quarks are known so far Up, Down, Charmed and Strange And ifthere re othersthey may be named Beauty and Truth The language of science is cominground The atomhas found its poetry again and I can feel love oncefor its image and sound.
This book covers a little known town that worked on the atom Fascinating I love this book.
Humanity Have Enough Reverence For Life To Cope With The Atom Poet Marilou Awiakta Poses This Question In This Book, Which Was First Published In , Shortly Before The Nuclear Accident At Three Mile Island Fusing Her Cherokee Appalachian Heritage With The Experience Of Growing Up On The Atomic Frontier In Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Awiakta Explores Humanity S Dilemma And Hope Through The Legendary Awi Usdi, Little Deer, A Cherokee Spirit Teacher Of Reverence She Follows His Trail As He Circles Through The Saga Of Tsali And [Marilou Awiakta] ☆ Abiding Appalachia: Where Mountain and Atom Meet [american-revolution PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ The Cherokee Removal, Then Into The Thoughts Of Early Pioneers And The Vision Of John Hendrix, Who Foretold The Coming Of Oak Ridge With Such Accuracy Winding Through The Poet S Childhood, When The Atom Was Split In Secret, The Trail Leads To The Retired Graphic Reactor And, Finally, Into The Heart Of The Atom Itself And Into Our Hearts, Where We Must Ultimately Resolve The Question Of Reverence For Life