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Days After Their Daughter Is Born, Kari Vaara Drops A Bombshell On His American Wife, Kate He Has A Brain Tumor And He S Been Handpicked To Run A Rogue Black Ops Unit, Using Crime To Fight CrimeAfter Recovering From Surgery, He Gets To Work The Black Ops Unit Is Small, And Reports Directly To Finland S National Chief Of Police They Have Secrecy, Autonomy, And The Cash To Buy All The High Tech Gear Soon The Unit [James Thompson] ↠´ Helsinki White [huguenots PDF] read Online Ö Is Cleaning House, Robbing Helsinki S Mobsters Blind Of Their Cash, Dope, And Illegal Firearms But Kari S Team Is Too Good, And Their Actions Have Unintended Consequences Meanwhile, Finland Roils With Hatred As Its Most Extreme Right Political Party Gains Popularity Despite Having No Agenda Besides Xenophobia When The Country S Leading Immigrants Rights Advocate Is Assassinated And Her Head Sent By Mail To The Finnish Somalia Network, The President Assigns Kari To The Murder Cracking This Case Will Involve The Unsolved Kidnapping Of A Billionaire S Children, A Faustian Bargain With A Former French Legionnaire And Kate Kari Vaara is a cop in Finland whose wife, Kate, just had a baby girl and he is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor The operation has left him with a loss of emotion, something his brother assures him will pass Now that he is back at work, his boss wants him to run a rogue unit and he is allowed to pick his own team Sweetness is the muscle of the group while Milo is the computer expert They fall easily into their job of stealing drugs, guns and money from thugs, putting trackers on the cars of drug dealers so they can rob them again Kari had thought he would be doing something good rescuing young girls who are being forced into prostitution but convinces himself that cutting the legs out from under criminals is just as good Kari has a lot of dirt on the higher ups but realizes that he and his team are also under survei There s a great myth believed by nearly everyone that Finland is corruption free Police and politicians are scripture pure, dedicated to the good of the nation beyond all things Foreigners even write about it in travel guides for tourists That s Kari Vaara, telling us about his country in the first pages of James Thompson s new novel, Helsinki White Shortly thereafter, he goes on to say, I run a heist gang I m a police inspector, shakedown artist, strong arm specialist and enforcer Three months ago, I was an honest cop What a way to kick off a book Snow Angels, James Thompson s first novel to feature Vaara as a protagonist, was named by Booklist as one of the ten best debut crime novels of 2010 and was nominated for both an Edgar and an Anthony.
His second, Lucifer s Tears, was included in Kirkus s Lis

I crashed straight into this one from reading Snow Angels and Lucifer s Tears I m about 70% in now and I m really wondering what the I m reading It s like a friend you know quite well, who s brilliant company when he s sober, who suddenly becomes unrecognisable when he s drunk violent amoral foul mouthed It s a shock The previous books were sharp, focused, sure This is chaos I seriously cannot recognise Kari the MC of the series in this book Sure, he s had brain surgery for a benign tumour and the author is brilliantly showing the after effects of such invasive intrusion in the mind, but still This is a novel on steroids Guns and knives described in great lurid detail, violent deaths thrown in almost as an afterthought I FEEL LIKE I M BEING SHOUTED AT THE WHOLE TIME AND IT S GETTING VERY TIRING I HAVE A HEADACHE NOW ALONG WITH THE AU Sigh, I didn t like it.
The thing that made me come back to the Kari Vaara books was Kari Vaara himself He wasn t in this book, not the Kari Vaara I liked.
Sadly, I think this wasn t a thriller at all It was a political book with an agenda Very, very Americanized It s clearly aimed at American public A Finn like me just gaped at the interpretation of our country and its people Okay, I know it s fiction but I was insulted by the picture painted of some thinly disguised politicians It just wasn t believable.
It wasn t a book about the country where I live Nor about the Helsinki I love It was well, Chicago, New York, whatever, moved to Finland The things described in the book can very well happen over there, set here they just sound ridiculous I found the picture of my country oversimplified and seen through malevolent eyes.