Trailer Ú The Hunt for the Elixir PDF by Á Midnyte Dupree

Hunt For The Elixir Begins Blood Quest The Assassin Was Sent To Ensure That The Vampire Queen Died, And To Recover The Elixir That Would Restore His Kind Back To Their Glory He Endured Years Of Training And Sexual Restraint In Order To Become The Best At What He Does He Is On The Hunt for the Elixir Of Life Micah And Sasha Are Vampire Servants To The Queen When She Is Murdered They Believe Their Lives Are Coming To Trailer Ú The Hunt for the Elixir PDF by Á Midnyte Dupree An End As Well, But The Queen Has Left Them One Special Gift And A Mission Winter S Blood When Angelina S Sister Is Kidnapped, She Is Forced To Steal A Much Sought After Formula Fortunately, Fate Has Paired Her With A Handsome Vampire Who Has Promised To Help Save Her Beloved Sibling Dante Wants To Break Through The Frozen Barriers Of Angelina S Heart, And Will Do Almost Anything To Accomplish His Goal But First, He And Angelina Must Fight The Evil And Keep The Precious Formula Out Of Evil Hands Will Dante And Angelina Be Successful In Their Quest Or Will The Blood Spilled Be Their Own Blood Red Rose With The Threat Of Danger High, Eli S World Is On The Verge Of Being Destroyed The Elixir Of Life Is Needed By The Other S Now Than Ever Their Assassin Has Eli In His Sights Eli Is Ready For This Threat, But He Finds An Unexpected, Yet Intriguing Distraction Rose Is A Beautiful Female Vampire On The Run And Doesn T Realize How Much She Will Need Eli Yet, In The End, Will She Need To Save Him