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Goodbye Soldier The Central Pool Of Artists, Now Rechristened The Combined Services Entertainment, Complete With Gunner Milligan, Now Rechristened Lance Bambardier, Makes Its Way Across Europe, Via Romantic Rome And Verneral Venice, To Vienna Where Spike Continues To Demoralize The Troops From The Stage Despite Frenzied Protests From Eisenhower, Churchill And Stalin Hastily Discharged From The Army In Austria, He Returnes To Naughty Naples For An Interval Of Connubial Bliss On Capri With Balerina Maria Antoinette Fontana All Except For Eva Maria Who I [Spike Milligan] ✓ Goodbye Soldier (War Biography) [judaism PDF] read Online ✓ Was Keeping In Reserve Finally, Farewell To Rome, Goodbye Soldier And The Prospect Of Return To Dreary Deptford Where Fortune, Overdraft, Income Tax, Mortgages, Accounts, Solicitors, House Agents Awaited Beautiful, heartbreaking, poignant A perfect coda to the saga of war.
Milligan Memoirs no 6Enjoyable follow on from vol 5 Always fascinating, interesting to see how Spike and others adapted even in the short period here following the end of WW2, a cynical optimism is apparent and peoples attitudes have changed significantly since vol 1 Next vol back in Britain.
Not the best.
Unlike previous voljmes this one isof anintroverted love story.
The humour issubdued and strained.
A good yarn, but not the best in the series by a long chalk Stil looking forward to the next book to see if Spike and Toni met again.
The 6th volume of Milligan s war diaries sees him fall in love with an Italian singer as he spends his last days as a soldier now that the war is won Funny, touching, and sad.
A most enjoyable read, with some laugh out loud moments It makes you mourn for the past An Italy pre tourism, not the war.
↠´ Goodbye Soldier (War Biography) ½ Following the end of the war, Spike spends some time touring as part of The Bill Hall Trio , playing jazz with an army entertainment unit During this time, he falls in love with a dancer called Toni and this book covers their romance and the time Milligan spends with Toni while awaiting his return to England.
I m pleased that Spike had this period in his life as he was clearly incredibly happy and he deserved it after the hard times he d experienced in the war see war memoirs 1 5 However, an account of a man alternately playing the trumpet and trying to get his girlfriend into bed is obviously less interesting that the events of the Second World War.
I m glad I read this but it s simply not as interesting or exciting as the earlier memoirs.
Book 6 in the series of Spike Milligan s wartime memoirs although strictly, this book is about the immediate post war period Spike is on tour in Italy, entertaining troops still stationed there and much of the book concerns this and his Italian girlfriend, a ballerina on tour with them I found this book similar to the previous one, i.
e less satisfying than the wartime memoirs Again, the attitudes of the time sexism, casual racism seem to grateyou feel less sympathy for the man claiming to be head over heels in love, but seemingly unable to keep his trousers on However, I had to admire the honesty of the book he knows he doesn t always behave well, and the historical detail of this immediate post war time is vividly described This sixth volume in Spike Milligan s war memoirs doesn t really fit the description as it chronicles the period between the end of the war that s World War II for those not paying attention at the back of the classroom and Spike leaving the army and returning to the UK.
It mostly deals with his love affair with a lady called Toni and has as much romance as it does laughs This probably reflects badly on me but I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the previous volumes I think a lot of what I liked about the previous books was that they were an ordinary bloke s experience of the war an, without the war element well let s just say an ordinary bloke s experience of swanning around Italy with his girlfriend wasn t quite as interesting.
There were still a lot of laughs here, though I nearly wet myself at one point, whi The sixth volume takes us through his demob process and his first footsteps after the war, having a well of a time travelling with a travelling show to give shows across Europe, whilst building a relationship with his girlfriend Toni This book picked up better pace again I felt, with true Milligan wit and wisdom A book many could relate to show life, hotel life, travelling life, tourism life, family life and muchour evident within this book.