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This is a delightful story to add to Christmas collection for grandkids OK, I am lying, I love my children s book collection as much as the grandkids My three year old granddaughter enjoyed story with a longer tale than some toddler books but it kept her attention and is sure to become one of our favorites A very heartwarming story of love expressed without words and simple, beautiful illustrations.
A young girl named Pyn, living with her gruff father in an isolated mountain cabin, looks forward to Christmas in this new holiday tale from Olivie Dunrea, creator of the Gossie and Friends picture books But although Oother who refuses to allow his daughter to call him Papa loves his daughter, he is not a flexible man, and resists the idea of allowing a Christmas tree in the home Fortunately, Pyn knows when to persist, and her obvious love and care for her father, as well as her longing for some holiday magic, eventually softens his heart, resulting in an unexpected Christmas gift, and a growing perhaps resurfacing closeness between father and childI appreciated Dunrea s understated narrative, in A Christmas Tree for Pyn, which its implication of loss Oother reflects that Pyn looks just like her absent mother, at one point, and eventually gives her Pyn an ornament that belonged to her Decorating a tree with found objects brings a father and daughter closer together A very sweet and gentle tale, though kids may find it a little slow moving.
Pyn wants a Christmas tree but her father Oother, grieving for Pyn s mother, refuses How she resolves this dilemma is the plot of this story I was most interested in the setting for the book, which has almost a medieval feel the name Oother Uther, for one thing with its open hearth, wooden implements, and crude beds covered with furs, wooden shoes, etc The Christmas tree may have been present in the Baltic states as early as the 15th century, so perhaps that is the intended setting.
Hoewever, the characters wear socks with turned heels, which didn t turn up until later I d have appreciated an author s note In any case, the book is a sweet story with appealing illustrations pencil and gouache on rough watercolor paper Lexile measure is AD 700.
I do like the message of what you have can be enough both in terms of Christmas tree decorations and family but thought the father s grief and the reason for it was expressed a little obliquely for a child audience The illustrations are fairly static as well Pyn her father are always standing or sitting in one place, and always in exact profile though I guess that matches the stuck in grief theme And Pyn DOES have the most adorable red wooden clogs in all of children s literature My favorite illustration is of Pyn bundled up with her red scarf, walking through waist high snow with her little ax and a happy smile on her face now that I think of it, the only illustration that shows movement.

It took me two readings to fully appreciate the beauty of this sweet story Now, I plan on including this in next year s Christmas read alouds It s that terrific Plus, it has a character named Oother, which may just be the single best character name I have ever come across Oother It rocks.
Pyn, who lives with alone her PapaMy name is Oother, wants a Christmas tree Oother is a large, gruff man who wants no part of Christmas Pyn is a persistent little pixie, though, and when Oother leaves for a day of work in the woods, she sets out on her own to find a Christmas tree for their home The snow is too deep for such a tiny girl, though, and soon Pyn finds herself over her head in snow Luckily, Oother is nearby and plucks her from the drift Her pluck convinces him to cut down a tree ✓ A Christmas Tree for Pyn ✓ This is a heartwarming story about a father and daughter who live a very rough lifestyle in a remote cabin in the mountains The background story is very sad, as the little girl s mother appears to have died no explanation is given , so little Pyn tries her best to provide a comfortable, clean home for her Papa and makes food for him to eat Her father is quite gruff and often silent he refuses to allow her call him Papa and he strongly resists her request to have a Christmas tree But in the end, we see a bit of warmth between the two as they share a memory and begin to form a closer bond It s a deeper and longer story than I expected, and I recommend it for older children who are likely able to understand the nuances of the tale We enjoyed reading it together.
Pyn is a small, soft girl Her Papa, Oother, is a big, gruff man They lived on the top of a mountain Pyn would like to find the perfect Christmas tree and decorate it but Oother says, No Christmas tree So, Pyn ventures out in a snowstorm to get a Christmas tree on her own Will she be successful Will Oother approve Love the message of this story and the illustrations are warm, round, and cozy perfect for a Christmas story.
This is a marvelous Christmas story for children It s about a mountain man named Oother and his daughter Pyn, who is excited to have her first Christmas tree But first she has to convince her papa to get one, and then she helps pick it out and decorate it The sweet ending brought a tear to my eye Highly recommended for parents.
Is Coming In The Craggy Rocks On The Snowy Mountainside, Tiny Pyn Has Her Heart Set On Decorating Her Very First Christmas Tree But, No Christmas Tree, Papa Says Still, Pyn Won T Take No For An Answer She Knows That A Christmas Tree Is Just The Thing Their Cottage Needs To Make The Season Festive And Cheery Pyn Is Determined To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree No Matter WhatWith This Story Of The Love Between A Father And Daughter, Olivier Dunrea Captures The True Spirit Of [Olivier Dunrea] ☆ A Christmas Tree for Pyn [young-adult-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download  Christmas