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Review at A Bookworm s Musing HEREWhat I liked The descriptions A beautiful, honest, warm monologue Kaberi s characterWhat could have been better Pace not enough to engage me from start to finishTo be honest, I liked the book, but somehow feel that it might be one of those books that read even better at the second read.
Book Review Rebirth 2010 by Jahnavi Barua Pages 203 Price 250 Genre Domestic Fiction Deals with marriage, infidelity, abandonment, pregnancy This book revolves around Kaveri who got married without knowing the man she is married to She has to move to Bangalore after her marriage which was far away from the place she grew up She has to start her life all over again in a new place, adapting to the circumstances without any complaints But in due course of time she has to deal with an unfaithful husband, pangs of loneliness and loss of her childhood friend as well as the death of her father.
Only after the death of her father, she came to know the bitter truth from her mother why her father remained aloof which she will always hold a grudge about forever without which her troubled relationship with her fath Is The Only Book On The Man Asian Literary Prize Shortlist For Which Overseas Rights Are Yet To Be Granted For That Reason, If You Manage To Track Down This Book Outside India, You Re A Better Literary Detective Than I All Of Which Is A Shame, Because Reviews On The Sub Continent Suggest It Is A Delicate, Deeply Affecting Novel Deserving Of Wider Readership Set In Modern Day Bangalore, Kaberi Is Pregnant With A Longed For Child Nobody Else Knows About Neither ✓ read Rebirth by Jahnavi Barua  Her Estranged, Unfaithful Husband, Nor Her Parents Or Friends Rebirth Takes The Form Of A Monologue From Mother To Baby In Which She Expresses Her Doubts About Her Marriage And Her Life, And Ultimately Seeks, And Finds, Some Form Of Redemption In Time, It S Likely Its Shortlisting Will Open It Up To A Bigger ReadershipFrom Themillions Jahnavi Barua, yo are a genius What a wonderful read Recommended for all the literary lovers ☆ Rebirth ò Rebirth is a refreshing reconnaissance of the turbulent topic revolving female liberation This issue ispoignant given the largely patriarchal culture in which the novel is set in Kaberi is an educated and modern Indian woman living in Bangalore with her husband, Ron After waiting for her to bear a child for several years, Ron decides to leave her for another woman Just after he leaves, Kaberi realizes she is pregnant and is now caught in a dilemma should she continue to live as an independent woman or should she succumb to the cultural norms by forgiving her husband and allowing him back into her life The author, Jahnavi, utilizes multiple narrative viewpoints to provide the readers with greater in depth understanding of the characters The novel starts in second person as Kaberi is talking to her unborn child it is effective as we are touched by the remini The title, Rebirth, might give you a sense of its subject matter but, then again, it mightn t The novel novella really is a first person monologue by a mother to her unborn child The child is waiting to be born not reborn but there is a sense that for the mother, Kaberi, a Rebirth might be in the offing as she explores the state of her shaky arranged marriage, and of some tricky or unresolved relationships with family and friends.
While set in India in Bangalore and Guwahati in the troubled province of Assam this novel does not have the noise and energy that often accompanies stories from the subcontinent It s quiet and contemplative Moreover, while it is imbued with gorgeous descriptions of the plants and landscapes of This is a lovely book which deserves a wide audience Rebirth is a woman s journey into personhood Kaberi has been living in limbo, waiting and hoping for a child, waiting and hoping for her indifferent husband to care for her It was an arranged marriage, as marriages still apparently are in parts of India, and the gulf between Kaberi and her husband isthan the difference in their social status and aspirations It is not just that he has another woman and that his so called business trips have escalated into separation just as the longed for child is conceived And inconceivably from a western perspective it is not even that he beats her It is because he believes that he alone has the right to make decisions about their future Kaberi, on her journey to personhood begins to see that she has not only has the right but also the responsibility to make decisions about her future and tha

Rebirth by Jahnavi Barua is a book which takes you through different dimensions of all the relationships a woman has with her parents, with her friends, with her in laws, with her family like neighbors, and most importantly with her yet to be born baby, and herself In the novel, while the protagonist, Kaberi, unknowingly goes on a journey to find herself, as female readers, we find ourselves too The relation between a mother and a child is highlighted, and that part of the story is not just touching, its divine, like the relation itself.
Jahnavi Barua s Rebirth is such a delicate and under stated book that it is perhaps no surprise it should prove so elusive for sale, its publisher Penguin India rather archly reminds us on its contents page, in the Indian Subcontinent only yet deserving to resonate with a much wider audience.
Hopefully, the frustration of restricted rights is about to change Barua s debut novel, set both in bustling, modern Bangalore and the Assam region from which she hails, has a real chance of carrying off the prestigious MAN Asian Literary Prize, for which it has already been shortlisted.
If such an accolade does hasten the arrival of Rebirth on the global market, then it will be confirmation of the adage that good things come to those who wait a fitting phrase, also, for a story of which patience proves one of its finest virtues.
Kaberi d I rate this like a 3.
85, rounded up to a 4 I see that other people have noted that this book is only available in India I went to Penguin India for my copy which was surprisingly cheap with very fast shipping On my blog entry for this book, I appended a message to whoever gives a crap about availability of books nominated for international literary awards If you re interested, go take a look Now on with the review.
Rebirth is Jahnavi Barua s first novel, although in 2008 she also authored a book of short stories entitled Next Door It is narrated by the main character Kaberi, and the narrative is addressed to her unborn baby, the type of thing I normally shy away from in my reading choices No wait I normally RUN from this type of thing However, to be perfectly honest, and much to my own surprise, there are