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WIN HER HAND, HE MUST BECOME WHAT HE DESPISESCleone Charteris S Exquisite Charms Have Made Her The Belle Of The English Countryside But Cleone Yearns For A Husband Who Is Refined, Aristocratic And Who Is As Skilled With His Wit As He Is With His Dueling Pistols Everything Philip Jettan Is Not As Much As She Is Attracted To The Handsome Squire, Cleone Finds Herself Dismissing Philip And His Rough MannerismsWith His Trailer å The Transformation of Philip Jettan PDF by » Georgette Heyer Father S Encouragement, Philip Departs For The Courts Of Paris, Determined To Acquire The Social Graces And The Airs Of The Genteel And Convince Cleone That He Is The Man Most Suited For Her Hand But His Transformation May Cost Him Everything, Including Cleone I think the saving grace for this book was that it was a short read Once again I am addicted to the over the top, melodramatic language of the era and the pleasure it brings me is why I will always come back to the genre It is what I enjoyed here as well However, there was something missing from the story, albeit it was better than the first book, The Black Moth This is the second book by this author and it shows signs of her greatness to come Totally silly.
If it weren t for the fact that this book clocks in at only 183 pages, I would have consigned this to the did not finish shelf However, by the time I got fed up enough with it to actually stop reading, it lacked only a few chapters to finish, so WTH.
I suppose having a good majority of the book in French might possibly have something to do with my dislike of the novel Don t get me wrong French is a beautiful language, and long, long ago I even took it in high school But for the life of me only a few words remain in my vocabulary and memory , so to have a book dedicate long passages in French without translation was frustrating to say the least Only imagine having to read my review as follows Wgent ghth wvlt caqtth, hkqpb ntjfth yhh vdeeo ov vqpp msa fhklhlqq Agkdhs ghw yww bnhwr t smsqbg yf bbw mvw wovvoa.
You get the idea.
Another thing t I started off really liking this book as I m a huge fan of Georgette Heyer It s one of her shortest novels and flies along as an easy read It begins in the countryside with a couple of families Cleone is the daughter of one such family She has no siblings and is almost isolated from all persuits outside of the village she lives in Philip is the only son of another of the village His father was a great dandy in his day and lived life to the full However, once he married he settled down and after his wife died brought up his son to be a good and honest man.
Philip loves Cleone And she him But she wants romance and courting and a bit of excitement He s the solid down to earth type who loves the land and his home Maurice, his father and Cleone goad him,or less, until he goe Hilarious Powder and Patch is simply hilarious This was my second Heyer novel, after The Black Moth and I think I enjoyed it evenThe humour in there is just flagrant the way Heyer satires the Polite Society and the high classes is simply genially and hilariously done I enjoyed this novel from beginning to end, loving the hero Philip and wanting to slap Cleone many times I understand how some people say that the characters are plainly annoying, I guess it all depends on what mood you re in when you read itYou either find them ridiculously annoying or ridiculously funnyI went with funny and thought Powder and Patch to be delightful This is my first Georgette Heyer and I really regretted that I started with this book I should have heeded the warnings of my friends about this novel, but I already bought it so I just went ahead and read it.
Let s discuss Cleone I was actuallyforgiving of her at the beginning of the book, because to a certain degree, I kind of understood her desire for Philip to bepolished I considered it as a product of her society back then Considering the historical context, I think it was natural or normal to put a lot of importance on appearances and whatnot In that vein, I don t really fault Cleone it s what she did halfway through the book that annoyed me When Philip proposed to her a second time, she got angry at him for being a flirt in Paris Um, hello Weren t you blatantly flirting with Henry in front of Philip before Double standards, much Ugh And then she go Ð The Transformation of Philip Jettan Ð I ve only begun reading Heyer s books as of late last year and can honestly say that so far every single one has been a source of pure delight No surprise Powder and Patch followed suit in keeping me well entertained This book, sweet, short, hilarious, with its oh so French flair was completed in one sitting.
The book is about Philip Jettan, son to the extravagant Maurice and nephew of Tom The latter are both highly fashionable men, who are well known in high society whereas the good natured, but somewhat simpleton and rough on the edges Philip, leaves much to be desired.
Philip is, however, the loving flame of Cleone, a neighborhood friend and great beauty Cleone, along with the rest of Philip s small family, all agree that the young man should get a make over to improve his style, fashion sense, etiquette and social skil Not one of the first rate ones Very problematic Pre makeover Philip is sufficiently sullen and immature that the makeover into a silver tongued devil isn t very convincing Cleone never has a single likeable moment a sensible man would have forgotten her as soon as he met an interesting woman You can tell the author senses this, because the preface makes such a big deal of for us Jettans, there is always only one great love The scene in which Cleone accidentally gets engaged to two men is funny, and Philip s cleaning up after is mildly amusing.
This is the third book GH wrote she completed it in an incredible three weeks I ve always been all over the place with this novel.
There are a lot of things I like about it but the assertion by the author that woman want to be mastered um, no we don t And until I read the awful I thought this was GH s least likeable heroine that Philip one of GH s sweet heroes really deserved better.
But I ve now been married a life time over thirty years to a lovely fellow who takes no interest in his appearance so I do have some sympathy for Cleone s desire for Philip to smarten himself up a bit A lot of readers complain about Heyer born 1902 spraying some of her books with French phrases I m reading and the New Zealand born Mansfield birth date 1888 uses French phrases through quite a few of her personal letters Likewise This early novel is set in the Georgian period, as Heyer discovers wit and plays around with it I strongly suspect that she had been reading Pelham as well as a great deal of eighteenth century novels, as she gives us a young country hero whose beloved rejects him because he has no polish So he sets out to become the most polished of beauxand teach her a lesson.