✓ Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots Í Download by ☆ Deborah Feldman

A story of a girl brought up in a religion and culture that feels foreign to her from the start and her experience trying to separate from it I gravitate towards stories like these because I think many people have similar experiences and can relate to the struggles of discovering who you truly are, and what you believe in Then, how you deal with the negative impact that has on your future with your family and community who can t and aren t willing to understand I gave this book two stars for two reasons One, for someone like me who has little back ground in the Jewish religion and traditions needs explanation She threw out Jewish names, holidays, traditions etc without fulling explaining what they meant This cause me to skim through paragraphs and gloss over the Jewish words instead of being able to learn from them Secondly, I fel Many of the details this book are apparently inaccurate, exaggerated, or even fabricated I learned only after reading the book, for example, that the author has a much younger sister so she couldn t have actually been abandoned by her mother as a toddler She apparently also only attended a Satmar school for a few years after being expelled from one or two liberal Jewish schools I was suspicious, additionally, about the author s silence on how exactly she gained custody of her son when, earlier in the book, she mentions that such a feat would be impossible and by her complete ignorance of sex, despite all her extracurricular reading.
What really did this book in for me was all the negativity Feldman came off as whiny and immature, and that s just not inter Instant New York Times Bestselling Memoir Of A Young Jewish Woman S Escape From A Religious Sect, In The Tradition Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali S Infidel And Carolyn Jessop S Escape, Featuring A New Epilogue By The AuthorAs A Member Of The Strictly Religious Satmar Sect Of Hasidic Judaism, Deborah Feldman Grew Up Under A Code Of Relentlessly Enforced Customs Governing Everything From What She Could Wear And To Whom She Could Speak To What She Was Allowed To read It ✓ Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots Í Download by ☆ Deborah Feldman Was Stolen Moments Spent With The Empowered Literary Characters Of Jane Austen And Louisa May Alcott That Helped Her To Imagine An Alternative Way Of Life Trapped As A Teenager In A Sexually And Emotionally Dysfunctional Marriage To A Man She Barely Knew, The Tension Between Deborah S Desires And Her Responsibilities As A Good Satmar Girl Grew Explosive Until She Gave Birth At Nineteen And Realized That, For The Sake Of Herself And Her Son, She Had To Escape Deborah Feldman s narrative has been challenged by many who know her, and although some though not all of the challenges may arguably fall into the realm of he said she said, there is enough here to render her memoir dubious at best I think we may be in James Frey land here.
Deborah Feldman describes a childhood where she was raised by her grandparents, having been abandoned as a toddler by her mother to a mentally retarded father incapable of caring for her properly Except some apparently well documented accounts reveal that her mother left when she was a teenager and that Deborah has a younger sister who went with her mother a woman Deborah paints as too disempowered to fight for custody This already changes the poor unwanted tiny little A brave woman wrote this book and her spirit shines throughout It takes exceptional courage to break out of the only life you ve ever known, especially one as repressive to women as Hasidic Judaism seems to be The story is a fascinating look inside this closed community where, like all communities, there is both good and bad The author knew instinctively that she couldn t thrive where she was planted, and she knew this at a young age The book is her journey from childhood to adulthood and how religious repression kept her from knowledge of even basic things Women are kept mostly uneducated in Hasidic life, to such an extent that a young woman has no idea what to expect on her wedding night Some women suffer from extreme lack of self esteem Male children are taken into religious training at age 3 I applaud the author for saving her son and herself and for her courage in the face of fear Who will rid me of these religions Paraphrasing Henry II, 1170 CE Too much Not whenever the complete list of any religious rites and rituals and prohibitions and punishments are exposed, as they are in Unorthodox Which religion am I specifically talking about Pick any one that comes to mind, although this non fiction memoir is about a sect of Hasidic Judaism.
Americans consistently come in near the bottom of surveys on having religious knowledge, yet always end up in the top five of countries with citizens who say yes to being religious My own personal story involves taking two years to read everything I could lay my hands on regarding the history of religions and myths Familiarity breeds contempt My one complaint about Deborah Feldman s å Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots ✓ Would you like being brought up to never go into a public library If you did manage to sneak in and get a library card which you have to hide, you would also have to hide your books under the mattress You even have to hide Little Women If Deborah Feldman had not had the courage to wonder and then seek out knowledge about the outside world, this book never would have been written I believe that her desire to know her desire to read That desire was a fountain of information for her and also a momentary escape from her troubles.
What about losing your mom to the outside world and not knowing much about her What about having a father who you don t feel connected to You are raised by your grandmother and grandfather Hugging and kissing in the family is not encouraged Your grandfather is extra stern Unorthodox by Debo

Es ist ein unglaublich informatives und vor allen Dingen auch erschreckendes Werk Wenn die Wahrheit ans Licht kommt, ist das immer ein besonderer Akt und ich glaube hierbei wurden einige Leute in ihrer Ehre verletzt Doch was ist Ehre Ich glaube, mit der Unterdr ckung und keinem St ck Wertsch tzung der Frauen, hat das Wort Ehre kaum einen Platz Keine Welt f r mich, aber ich bin froh, dass man durch die Literatur erfahren kann, wie auf der Welt gelebt wird Wie gelebt wird, wie gedacht wird, was strenge Religionen anrichten k nnen und wie man in etwas hineingepresst wird, wo man nicht hinpasst Was einem widerstrebt Diese Frau hat viel erlebt, viel, was man ihr h tte ersparen m ssen Letztlich kann man ihr nur daf r danken, dass sie zumindest damit ans Licht ging und dem Rest der Welt zeigt, was sonst wo abgeht und wie es hinter gewissen The minute I started this book I was engrossed and I finished it within 2 days I found as a woman, it was almost infuriating to read I also think it is disgusting and awful that so many from her former community are stalking her and posting fake reviews calling the book false This book is HER memoir and HER truth and she is completely and utterly entitled to it This is a rare look into this strange community It is an interesting read for me personally since I live in an area where there is a large population I never really knew what to make of these women I see often pushing baby carriages and conversing with no one but their own Now, I feel a sort of sadness for them I am sure that many are content and even happy in this lifestyle but I am glad for the author that she wanted and she was able to attain it.
While Unorthodox is a fascinating and enthralling book, I feel as though it was written several years too early The book left me with many questions, questions that perhaps could not be addressed by the author because her escape from Hasidism is still too fresh Did she ever get to the bottom of her husband s infidelity How was she able to take her son with her when she mentions in the book that it s never been done Did she lose all contact with her grandparents after she left Did she become closer to her own mother as a result of her break with her past I realize that this book was the author s ticket to escaping Hasidism, but it would have benefited greatly from a larger sense of perspective.