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11 11 11 Update Reflected on it a bit , and bumped up the rating to 5 stars Darn those coercive, psychic ocean mind waves Despite work, an appalling lack of sleep, work, life, work, copious amounts of laundry, work, and MORE WORK, I finally finished this little gem of a book I am giving it four stars for now, but depending on how I feel after I absorbof the book, I may bump up the rating Solaris is beautifully written, and the message behind the book is chilling if not eye opening In most sci fi, humans interact with non humans violently, peacefully, symbiotically, or however else we communicate with them the key words being interact and communicate However, Lem pushes us to think waaaay outside our comfortable, boxy way of thinking and makes us wonder what if there were beings so inherently different from us that we couldn t even begin to understand them Do we even fully TranslationUntil NOW The Only English Edition Was AVersion, Which Was Translated From French And Which Lem Himself Described As A Poor Translation This Wonderful New English Translation By Bill Johnston Of Lem S Classic Solaris Is A Must Have For Fans Of Lem S Classic NovelTelling Of Humanity S Encounter With An Alien Intelligence On The Planet Solaris, TheNovel Is A Cult Classic, Exploring The Ultimate Futility Of Attempting To Communicate With Extra Terrestrial LifeWhen [ read Online Solaris ↠´ comics PDF ] by Stanisław Lem Å Kris Kelvin Arrives At The Planet Solaris To Study The Ocean That Covers Its Surface, He Finds A Painful, Hitherto Unconscious Memory Embodied In The Living Physical Likeness Of A Long Dead Lover Others Examining The Planet, Kelvin Learns, Are Plagued With Their Own Repressed And Newly Corporeal Memories The Solaris Ocean May Be A Massive Brain That Creates These Incarnate Memories, Though Its Purpose In Doing So Is Unknown, Forcing The Scientists To Shift The Focus Of Their Quest And Wonder If They Can Truly Understand The Universe Without First Understanding What Lies Within Their Hearts I m afraid I m a philistine I liked the Soderberg remake of the movie most, then the book, and last the original Tarkovsky movie If you re cultured and sophisticated, I think that you re supposed to have the exact opposite ordering Oh well.
In my defense, I recall that, when I watched the Tarkovsky version, I looked around at one point and discovered that the people on both sides of me had fallen asleep As far as I can remember, this is the only time I ve ever see it happen.
↠´ Solaris ↠´ When I was a kid my dad was obsessed with the idea of UFO s and alien contact He made me and my brother watch endless episodes of trashy American documentaries about sightings and abductions In fact, I sat through so many of these that I started to have nightmares about bug eyed extra terrestrial beings entering my room at night I guess that for my dad who did not have a partner, whose children were emotionally, if not physically, estranged from him, and whose job was not exactly stimulating the promise of other planets and other species, of being whisked away from his humdrum life, must have been pretty appealing While I too wanted to somehow escape the situation I found myself in, the prospect of other worlds or beings never fired my imagination I found it This is the classic gothic horror haunted house story revisited with an SF twist It s a testament to the obtuseness of mankind, particularly unemotional, Cold War era, scientific man Three scientists on the remote planet Solaris seek contact with the lone enormous creature occupying it the ocean All sorts of experiments are tried over a century or , but the planet and the humans never achieve, at least to the humans satisfaction, adequate evidence of a measurable intellectual exchange The ocean busies itself morphing into these massive shapes geometic, organic, and otherwise which strike the reader as expressive, but which are nevertheless inarticulate in human terms When the scientists start bombarding the ocean with xrays, for lack of a better idea, the planet sends to each of them a visitor from an emotionally charged pe Although the book was written back in 1960, the last century, I must admit that I did not notice it at all This book is a timeless masterpiece of science fiction Everything we know about the universe in the book there is a review, not to speak of the human psyche that the writer brought to the last hidden parts of humanity The book examines all At the end of what we know about the universe, only tiny details and the man is not at all aware of what hidden in the vastness of the stars The whole book permeated by challenging the planet Solaris, which is, in fact, a living being For years, scientists theorize, that are falling like the cards because everything is known humankind just does not fit the mold that people imagined, and the various

I ve been meaning to read this for a while, and bought the book years ago because I know Lem is one of the greats of SF Plus, I figured if they made a movie out of it, the story had to have some good staying power But I had a hard time getting into it True, I haven t read much Sci fi lately But I m certainly not a genre snob I like me some Sci fi, vintage or otherwise But the story just felt cumbersome to me Half of it was an engaging psychological teaser thriller mystery, the other half read like the research bibliography covering 100 years of fictional science surrounding a fictional planet The first half was pretty good The second half was numbing It s possible that I was missing some cunning interplay between these two parts of a book, but if that s the case, then that level of the book was utter I rate books base on my enjoyment and while this was an very interesting take on the whole alien first contact I can t say I had a lot of fun reading it.
I do recommend it if you love that premise and are intrigue about a sentient ocean but it won t be for everyone We have no need of other worlds We need mirrors We don t know what to do with other worlds A single world, our own, suffices us but we can t accept it for what it is Bizarrely, being on a strange, different planet sometimes is what it takes to discover our inner cosmos The way Lem describes it in Solaris, our memories rule our perception of what is real, regardless of external circumstances On the other hand, the external circumstances of any given time are actively impacting on what kind of memories we develop, so it turns into a kind of circle or wave movement.
To me, this book was scary And I don t mean the science fiction ideas in it I mean the idea that my unresolved feelings of earlier times could come back and haunt me literally On a deeper level, they do haunt me in any case, but the idea of them coming alive is terrifying That made me think that we embrace passi