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Brilliant exposition on something revered without full understanding The account lucidly explains the background of the Great Charter and its significance down the ages.
Great read Has intrigue, humor, and history.
Magna Carta Is Arguably The Greatest Constitutional Document In Recorded History, Yet Few People Today Understand Either Its Contents Or Its Context This Very Short Introduction, Which Includes A Full English Translation Of TheMagna Carta, Introduces The Document To A Modern Audience, Explaining Its Origins In The Troubled Reign Of King John, And Tracing The Significant Role That It Played Thereafter As A Symbol Of The Subject S Right To Protection Against The Absolute Authority Of The Sovereign Drawing Upon [Nicholas Vincent] º Magna Carta [m-m-m-f PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ The Great Advances That Have Been Made In Our Understanding Of Thirteenth Century English History, Nicholas Vincent Demonstrates Why The Magna Carta Remains Hugely Significant Today I like the Very Short Introductions that live up to the name, and this one does Good background, good description of the events of 1215, covers some of the major scholarly debates about authorship and so forth, and treats the afterlife of the document in the thirteenth century and then up to the twentieth And it has a translation of the MC in the back Recommended.
À Magna Carta ã This book is very well written and a great resource for those that want to read about the history of the Great Charter I am glad I read it but I don t think it will be something that I revisit beyond source material The author has done a great job making the difficult history of Magna Carta condensed into less than 150 pages.
read this in preparation for a weekend at the Runnymeade Hotel as we approach the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta yes my life really is that exciting As usual with the Very Short Introductions it does what it says on the tin , and introduces a complex subject in a straightforward way without dumbing down completely The Magna Carta comes across as a local solution to an immediate historical circumstance, rather than something kickstarting western democracy as we know it So you can take it that the book is strong on context, and weak on what it is that made this document such a powerful myth.
Yet again this series performs as promised.
I really liked the way the author sets out both the historical context of the socio politics that lead to Magna Carta and the relavance attached later on I found the clear timeline for the conflict leading to Magna Carta and subsequent re issues really helpful and the background law really enlightening.
Great introductory book This introductory series is very useful for quick understanding on topics they cover.

Great introduction to the history surrounding this well known document Sometimes overly detailed, a touch pedantic and written with the seriousness of a grey, bleak English sky with the promise of rain Of course, trying to cram a few hundred years of English history into 125 pages is an overly daunting task that is guaranteed to turn anyone s tea cold From Richard the lion hearted, to the evil King John, we march towards Runnymede and to civil war This book really helped fill in the blanks in my mind especially how linked England and France were at this time and why they were mostly always fighting.
So much has been written about Magna Carta So many lawyers and politicians have interpreted it and expanded it and lied about what it meant This book tells how the document came about and how it came to mean something important The document itself is full of now irrelevant specifics along with some noble generalities that we still care about It was a peace treaty between nobles and a king The king abjured it almost immediately and the pope declared it void Yet it somehow lingered and took on a life of its own Now it stands as one of the pillars in the history of the rule of law and constitutionalism This book does an amazing job telling the story of how Magna Carta was formulated, what it said, why it endured, and what it