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Kentucky Traveler, Ricky Skaggs, The Music Legend Who Revived Modern Bluegrass Music, Gives A Warm, Honest, One Of A Kind Memoir Of Forty Years In Music Along With The Ten Commandments Of Bluegrass, As Handed Down By Ricky S Mentor Bill Monroe The Essential Guide To Bedrock Country Songs, A Lovingly Compiled Walk Through The Songs That Have Moved Skaggs The Most Throughout His Life Songs The Lord Taught Us, A Primer On Skaggs Trailer ¶ Kentucky Traveler PDF by ¶ Ricky Skaggs S Most Essential Gospel Songs And A Bevy Of Personal Snapshots Of His Musical HeroesFor Readers Of Johnny Cash S Autobiography, Lovers Of O Brother Where Art Thou, And Fans Of Country Music And Bluegrass, Kentucky Traveler Is A Priceless Look At America S Most Cherished And Vibrant Musical Tradition Through The Eyes Of Someone Who Has Lived It Quite an interesting look into the life and career of this marvelously talented musician Some reviewers cut Ricky down for including so much commentary on religion and the part it s played in his life and while it might seem a bit excessive at times, the bottom line is that I am actually proud to see Ricky unashamed to profess his faith andy for including his religion in his narrative While it at times might seem excessive, I personally admire that he unashamedly talks about his beliefs and their importance in his life perhaps if we hadpeople involved with kindness, understanding and following God s word, there would be a whole lot less suffering and a lothappiness in this world today, which seems to be going to hell in a hand basket This is a good read evenso if you re a fan of Country and or Bluegrass music.
Skaggs talks about his early life born in 1954 in rural Kentucky, his musical parents, and his development as a mandolin,violin,and guitar player His earliest influence after his parents was Bill Monroe, famous bluegrass musician The book was a good combination of his family, musical development, musical groups he was a part of, his great love for bluegrass, and his love for the Lord The book qualified as a Christian autobiography Lots of wisdom God calls us to be faithful, not famous You can always tell a Texan You just can t tell him much If you look back over your shoulder, you ll plow a crooked row Summary The greatest success I ve had is family success, knowing my kids love the Lord just as I do.
Just about anyone interested in bluegrass and or country music would be predisposed to welcome Ricky Skaggs new autobiography A musical prodigy who at age 6 played on stage with Bill Monroe Monroe handed over his famous Lloyd Loar mandolin for the performance , Skaggs was featured on a show the next year with Flatt Scruggs Later on as a teenager, he joined Ralph Stanley s bluegrass band along with his friend and future country music star Keith Whitley this led to stints with the Country Gentlemen and J D Crowe and the New South Thereafter, following a brief period with his own influential group Boone Creek, Skaggs was hired by Emmylou Harris Perhaps that experience whetted his appetite for a type of commercial country music that contained echoes of traditional bluegrass in any A must read fir Ricky Skaggs fans.
In Kentucky Traveler, Ricky Skaggs, the music legend who revived modern bluegrass music, gives a warm, honest, one of a kind memoir of forty years in music along with the Ten Commandments of Bluegrass, as handed down by Ricky s mentor Bill Monroe the Essential Guide to Bedrock Country Songs, a lovingly compiled walk through the songs that have moved Skaggs the most throughout his life Songs the Lord Taught Us, a primer on Skaggs s most essential gospel songs and a bevy of personal snapshots of his musical heroes.
For readers of Johnny Cash s autobiography, lovers of O Brother Where Art Thou, and fans of country music and bluegrass, Kentucky Traveler is a priceless look at America s most cherished and vibrant musical tradition ↠´ Kentucky Traveler ↠´ Informative book on the life career of Ricky Skaggs as well as history of Bluegrass music.
Picking Oh, yes Preaching Your call If you re into it for the music, you ll probably be a bit disappointed I mean, this is a good lively account about the origins and evolution of bluegrass, with lots of stories about the greats Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, the Grand Old Opry all the way to the moderns, they re all there.
But here s the thing Skaggs touches extensively on his Christian world view Understand, this is an autobiography and his faith is a big part of who he is, so it really belongs Besides, good luck trying to separate bluegrass from its Gospel roots You just can t.
Still, for the secular reader, this will get in the way Even though I am a Christian, I found the music taking a back seat Very folksy aw shucks auto bio, with fascinating stories about working with Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, and Emmylou Harris among other greats This book is about his music, but also very much about his Christian faith lots of religious content Players and gearheads will enjoy the detailed talk about particular guitars and mandolins and other instruments throughout.
When the book is about Ricky s musical history, etc.
, it is interesting and informative Unfortunately, there are way too many pages filled with sermonizing, witnessing, and quoting Bible scripture I realize that Ricky is a devout Christian and I admire that about him, but it makes for rather mind numbing reading when it goes on for successive chapters especially near the end of the book that are each a dozen or so pages long I might very well be in the minority feeling this way, but for me it easily took a 4 star book right down to a 3 star book.
Best part of this one is Ricky s explanation of his switch from bluegrass to country music and back to bluegrass The man has matured into one of the most respected artists in bluegrass music and seems devoted to protecting and promoting the legacies of those bluegrass music pioneers who preceded him For that