☆ پیا رنگ کالا È Download by é Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

This book is deservethan 5 stars even though it was a hard read based on the language and vocabulary used but I couldn t stop reading it I know I am definitely going to read this book fewtimes.
just completed the book at night the author baba muhammad yahya seems good with the words,phrases and rhymes of his said but the subject is controversial a little bit he tells opposite things at the same moment and asks us to believe in both all i got is that he wanna tell me how superior his inner was,is and will be in comparison of mostly human beings while discussing the book in reference with religion islam he does not cop with all due conditions and demands of the religion yet he says himself a true muslim or even momin in his own opinion the book should be read by a careful and strong mindset of humans whom faith cant be disturbed by a little trunk of magics the author takes into another reigme of time where only supernatural things are working out for their own goods and will the farce nature seems If you are interested in spiritual world this book is for you.

Superb one This is art even if you don t like the main character This is presented as a memoir or autobiography, the style is very modern and the grasp of the author on the continuously shifting narratives within narratives is supreme The language is refined and urdu, hindi and punjabi are all present which makes it difficult to follow sometimes especially during the hindi parts The descriptions are quite magical and transportative Sometimes the verbosity is a bit irksome thoughThe events may be actual or fictionalized orplausibly a combination of both If even half or a quarter of this guy s experiences are actual, it says alot for the possibilities of human experience.
Cant really express what I feel about the book ✓ پیا رنگ کالا ✓ Thus book is just amazing Rang Kala The Novel By Mohammed Yahya Khan Is The Story Of A Sheesh Nag The King Of Cobras It Is Said That This Mythic Name Is So Fascinating In Its Beauty And Colours That One Cannot See It Constantly It Begins To Grow Black In Its Colour And Its Eyes Become White As It Grows Then, It Makes Its Path Whitish Where From It Passes When It Grows Young, It Has The Capability Of Hanging Itself Into The Air Any One ☆ پیا رنگ کالا È Download by é Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan Who Happens To Watch It, Is Charmed Sheesh Nag Of A Hundred Years Changes Itself Into A Man Then Numberless Stories Are Generated About It This was a very exciting book I would to recommend my life