Ê Nulli Secundus - Second to None ↠´ Download by â Terence Cardwell

The Four Foot Coal Seams Of A Deepcar Mine Joseph Fought To Survive, Trapped In A World Of Poverty, Constant Danger, Heartbreak And Death His Only Chance Of Escape Was By Bare Knuckle Boxing, Taking On All Comers To Become The Heavyweight Champion Of Sheffield His Sons Followed Him Into The Mine, As Poverty Bred Poverty And Though They Idolised Their Father And His Boxing Achievments They Dreamed Of The Day When They Could Live And Work Above Ground Jack, His Eldest Son, Ê Nulli Secundus - Second to None ↠´ Download by â Terence Cardwell Was Determined Not To Be Trapped In The Black Hell Hole Of The Mines Like His Father And Finally, Escapes To Join The Elite Force Of The British Army, The Coldstream Guards, Where He Carries His Father S Boxing Skills To The Ultimate Heights And Then Experiences A Love And Passion He Didn T Know Could Exist, Changing His Life Forever His Love Is Left Behind As His Division, Living Up To It S Motto Nulli Secundus Second To None Leads The Vanguard Of The British Expeditionary Force To France To Fight In The War To End All Wars Jack Is Thrust Into Battles In Conditions That Were Horrifying And Terrible Far Beyond Any He Had To Face In The Mines Of Yorkshire And Facing Unbelievable Horrors Trying To Survive In An Insane World Of Terror, Slaughter And Constant Death Annie Was Born In The Poor House To A Mother Who Cared Little For Her Fat Raised In Poverty, Neglected And Cast Aside By Her Motherd Left In The Care Of An Aged Grandfather, Living In A Houseboat On A Midlands Canal At A Young Age She Had To Learn To Struggle With Poverty, Caring For Her Grandfather And Younger Brothers Torn From Her Grandfather At A Young Age, The Only Person Whohad Ever Loved Her, And Raised In A Dr Barnardos Home Where Death Came To Seek Her Fighting To Survive And Finally Finding A Love That Could Cost Her Her Life Two People Whom Destiny Will Eventually Bring Together Their Lives Were Set On A Collision Course That Was Filled With Loneliness, Misery, Pain And Heartache, Tempered By Passion And Love Based On Real People Who Laid The Foundation For A New Generation