Download Epub Format Ô Reluctantly In Love PDF by ½ Lindsay Kiernan

You know when you re doing a survey online and they ask you to rate something, 1 being strongly dislike, 5 being strongly like and 3 being no particular feelings That s how I feel about this book I didn t hate it I didn t love it I might have liked itI don t know.
Beatrice and William were very cute together, once they stopped being so stubborn Well, once William stopped being so stubborn because honestly, his fear was sometimes a little too much I understand he had a very traumatic experience in his past good lord, that was some messed up stuff with his dad , but there were times when I just wanted to shake him and tell him to get on with it Of course, I do feel like we missed out on them really falling in lovetalking about thei 221pgs, she is tryihng to escape her dangerous fiance, he never wanted to rescue the damsel in distress The unlikely pair could fall in love, if they don t destroy each other first Regency Romance Three stars because I m feeling generous When I read the description it sounded like it had promise but the story was just blah I kept reading thinking things would pick up but they didn t I don t expect precise historical accuracy but the term Ms wasn t even around during the time period and it was used numerous times in the first 10% It was difficult to take the villain seriously he seemedof a fool.
The author seems capable of writing a good story, but I wouldn t recommend this one.
Good complex relationship story Easy to read, sink into and escape The hopeful romantic in me never tires of the damsel in distress story as long as the characters are well developed and strong Both of the main characters are well thought out Couldn t put the book down until I finished it There was enough complexity in the characters and their relationship to keep the story interesting Although, the story was somewhat formulaic, the development of the characters relationship and happy ending was still satisfying.
Clark Has Run Out Of OptionsShe Must Escape Her Dangerous Fianc By Ruining Her Reputation Before The Wedding Can Occur Armed With A Sultry Red Dress And A List Of London S Disreputable Men Beatrice Has One Night To Find The Right ManWilliam Bradley Enjoyed His Nights Of Debauchery And Found Himself At Home Amongst London S Depraved Citizens He Never Wanted To Be The Hero To Any Damsel In Distress But His Past Is Working Against Download Epub Format Ô Reluctantly In Love PDF by ½ Lindsay Kiernan Him Forced By His Own Conscience Into Helping Beatrice Escape Her Future Husband He Is Now Tied Into The Unwanted Role Of A Woman S SaviorThe Unlikely Pair Could Fall In Love, If They Don T Destroy Each Other First

Now I want Helen s story very unlikely ☆ Reluctantly In Love Í YummyThis was a good read Not like a lot of romance that keeps repeating the misunderstandings time and time again.
The horrifying secret is terrible and I think without that, this could ve been a better book, that and not jumping into love Don t like it when they fall in love too quickly.