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Download Epub Format ½ Fat PDF by ä Ragen Chastain

Book Is More Than Just The Story Of A Fat Woman Who Managed To Win Respect And National Championships In The Thinobsessed World Of Dance It's More Than Just A Trained Researcher's Examination Of The Evidence About Weight And Health It's A Book About Living Life In The Body That You Have Now, And Making Decisions About What You Want In The Future, And How To Get There Whether You Want To Change Your Body, Fight Download Epub Format ½ Fat PDF by ä Ragen Chastain For Size Acceptance, Just Live Your Life, Or Understand And Support Your Fat Friends And Family, This Book Provides The Insights, Aha Moments, Humor, And Hard Facts To Help Ragen Chastain is a treasure in the world of Health at Every Size (HAES), Size Acceptance, and in general as a funny, smart, supportive woman who writes regularly about life as a fit, Fat woman on her excellent blog Dances with Fat.
This selfpublished book (her first, I believe) has the feel of a collection of her best blog posts.
She covers a vastly wide range of topics, from how western culture continues to view and shame Fat people, to scientific research about "obesity," to flying while fat, to selfesteem issues and more.
This truly is an owner's manual! She in fact covers SO much material, that she really could have broken it down and expanded on each topic, writing several books! And while she fell i I realize that I'm often prone to hyperbole, but for reasons that will become clear I find that it's justified here.
This book is lifechanging.
Ragen Chastain takes 193 pages to help me look at my life in a whole new way, and I feel that in the days, months and years to come, I will have reason to thank her over and over again.

She takes the revolutionary approach that we are entitled to respect in the bodies that we have right now, simply because we are human beings who live in the World.
Fat, thin, anywhere in between or beyond those parameters.
She also takes the completely "out there" stance that, if there are people in the World who don't like her choice, that would be their problem and not hers.
For this, she gets death threats.
Apparently, not hating yourself leads to others hating you in a big, big way.

Ragen Chastain is an athlete, a championsh I have a special connection to this book because of what the author has done for my life.
I struggled and still struggle with an eating disorder that severely restricted my health and happiness.
One of the doctors whom I sought help from told me about Ragen and talked about her regularly during our group sessions.
When I finally gained the courage to change my perspective, I looked up Ragen's blog and began reading and reading.
I followed her on twitter and added her on facebook.
Through connecting to her, I have connected with so many other Health at Every Size activists, health professionals, advocates, etc.

Learning about Ragen's struggles and her success completely changed my life for the better.
I truly believe that she saved my life a Ragen Chastain is an amazing woman.
She is a blogger, rather than an author, and it shows in the book.
I read the electronic version, and I don't know if I got sent a draft copy when I ordered it, but it was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, minor inconsistencies and structural issues.

However, I still rate it 5/5 because this book changed my life.
I'm not the kind to make sweeping judgement calls like that, but this book really made a difference to the way I think and see the world.

Hating your body is a miserable way of living.
You are literally stuck in your body 24/7, and you cannot get away from it, even if you avoid mirrors.
I not only avoided mirrors; I was so ashamed of my body I avoided people all together.
I stayed in bed for days at a time, avoided people for weeks at a time, st I strongly recommend this book to anybody who is alive and has a body.
¾ Fat ð Ragen Chastian combines real statistical data with humor.
I really enjoyed this.

Read this if you've thought about questions like, "if everybody is on a diet all the time, how come there aren't more thin people?" and "why is the person next to me angry at *me*, instead of at the people who designed these seats to be too small for most of their customers?"

The ebook is "name your own price" at http://danceswithfat.
Ragen's book is a gem, full of witty essays on size acceptance and living in a Fat body.
I really appreciate her sense of humor throughout the book and she strikes a lovely balance between sarcasm and facts.

This is a book everyone should read.
Everyone with body issues, be they too be or too small.
Everyone who knows a Fat person, everyone who IS a Fat person, just everybody.

Chastain says everything that SHOULD be said about Fat culture without getting bitchy or mean.
She doesn't make excuses.
She emphasizes that people should be healthy, but that everyone's healthy look is different.

I love, love, love this book, and want everyone to read it.
I really dig Ragen's blog, http://danceswithfat.
, so I wanted to like this book, but I was hugely disappointed.
The content is really good, and Ragen has obviously done her research.
However, I was really looking for something above and beyond a collection of her blog essays.
I highly recommend the blog, and I will definitely give anything she writes in the future a chance, but this was not the book it could have been.