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Doit Quitter La Nouvelle Orl Ans Il Y Laisse John Qui Pr F Re Rester Pour Chercher Du Travail Sur Place Par Chance, Celui Ci Croise Justement Un Riche Texan Qui Lui Propose De Ramener Sa Voiture Chez Lui Un Boulot Simple Et Bien Pay John Accepte, Mais, Dans Une Station Service, Il Se Fait Voler La Voiture Par Chad Lowell Et Abe Greenberg Deux Crivains Beatniks Qui Cherchent Rejoindre Amarillo, Au Texas Bient T, Une Querelle Entre Les Deux Hommes, Rivaux, Vire Au Drame Chad, Pouss Bout, [Juan Díaz Canales] ã Amarillo [airliners PDF] read Online ã Tire Sur Abe Qui Meurt Sur Le Coup Oblig De Fuir, Chad Trouve Refuge Dans Un Cirque John Se Lance Sa Poursuite Sur Les Routes Am Ricaines Du Nouveau Mexique, Du Colorado, Du Texas Et De L Illinois This was my least favorite of the three Blacksad volumes I have thus far read Hardboiled hero Blacksad gets mixed up with two Beatnik type characters, which I ordinarily would like to see, but this just feels light and silly compared to the first two I read The color and light in this one makes it less intense just, lighter This feels like a kind of interlude or departure issue The art is what really elevates this series, but even that seems less accomplished in this one than the previous volumes.
I like to call this the Yellow Album the cover is a giveaway of the thematic colour palette Blacksad also visits Amarillo, Texas in what turns out to be a sort of holiday album in the series after looking for missing persons and getting in trouble over women our feline private investigator takes the long way home from New Orleans to New York He s on a roadtrip adventure than on a criminal case riding vintage cars, Harleys, pick up trucks and trains, with an interlude in a travelling circus.
We do have here a murder or two and troubles with police and federal agents, but once again, I was impressed with the artwork than with the actual plot That is why I believe these Blacksad albums always work best if they are read twice in succession once for the story and the second time for lingering over the detailed panels, looking for light effect

I have to admit that the I read of Blacksad the impressed I am The stories are entertaining and intelligent and the artwork is amazing Each page is filled with subtle intricacies you have to re read in case you miss something When you break down the story you realise at its most basic the story is a road trip and that is far as I will go without breaking my own rules However it is how this story unfolds in so many unexpected and entertaining ways, that makes this book such an addictive read I will be the first to say that the medium of art, comics and graphic novels is something I am the most weakest at However I do know that taking a story which in the face of it seems conventional enough, changing it in some fundamental way here we have a world filled with anthropomorphised animals and yet make the story so easy Set in 1950 60s America, a Jack Kerouac type writer murders his antagonistic poet friend in cold blood and goes on the lam Blacksad is mixed up in this beatnik writer s life after the Cadillac Eldorado he was entrusted with gets stolen and trashed by him But then the feds go after Blacksad after his wallet is found in the car and the poet s body in the trunk Amarillo is definitely the weakest Blacksad story yet Everything about the plot is maddeningly happenstance Blacksad happens to need a ride back home and happens to come across an eccentric cowboy millionaire who gives him the keys to his car And then he happens to intervene in an argument between the beatnik writers and some Wild Ones esque bikers and then his car happens to be stolen by them Then he happens to come across the writer s agent who just so happens to know where the writer s