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A book with an unusual theme and revolving around three characters which are tied with one single word i.
e hope The ease with which the story moves and slow pace which a reader will start liking once they go through it makes the book very interesting It s one of those stories which have been written with command over everything and to even simplify the complications of life A book worth your time and money.
I loved the cover.
The cover itself gives a glimpse of what lies ahead.
Three different people thirteen year old Aryan Khosla, thirty three old Ria Marathe, sixty three year old Rana Rathod, live through the same feeling of disdain ,loss, neglect Ria successful script writer is grief striken with her husband and her only son s untimely demise leaving her all alone, to add to the agony, she discovers that her husband had been cheating on her all along, to overcome it all suicide seem to be the only antidote , and she chooses D day as her birthdayAryan born to an affluent couple surrounded by wealth but no love and care leaving him with low self esteem that he often wishes to be invisible, he has a mother with heavy drinking habit ,always seen with a glass of it rather spendi Of Three Is The Story Of Three People Who Have Lost All Hope In Life One Day, Their Paths Cross And Their Destinies Are Forever ChangedThirteen Year Old Aryan Khosla Has No Friends, Rarely Meets His Busy And Quarrelling Parents, And Is Tormented By A Gang Of School Bullies He Feels His Birth Was A Mistake And Thinks No One Would Notice If He Disappeared From This WorldThirty Three Year Old Ria Marathe, A Successful Trailer ✓ Circle of Three PDF by ☆ Rohit Gore Scriptwriter, Lost Her Husband And Only Son In A Terrible Accident, And Later Came To Know Her Childhood Sweetheart Husband Was Cheating On Her For A Long Time Faced With A Lifetime Of Misery, She Has Decided To Commit SuicideSixty Three Year Old Rana Rathod, A Long Forgotten Author, Has Carelessly Lived Off The Trust Created By His Wealthy Family And Feels Betrayed By His Two Children Who Sided With His Wife During Their Brutal Divorce Thirty Years Back He Fears He Is Going To Die A Bitter ManWill Aryan Lose His Childhood To His Loneliness Will Ria Lose Her Life To Her Tragedy Will Rana Lose His Dignity To His Past Sins Circle of Three Is About Finding A New Beginning In Life, Of Forgiving And Ultimately, Finding Hope I am a sucker for sad stories of desperate people that has a happy ending Circle of Three is one such story The general theme is that of overcoming life s trials and its seeming unfairness Rohit Gore can weave a good story, no doubt However, he would need a better editor to correct grammar and typos It may not be much, but it is still a distraction.
Circle of Three by Rohit Gore is a collection of three dark tales disheveled into a congenial page turner A 13 year old school kid, Aryan is fighting with his loneliness A 33 year old scriptwriter, Ria had suffered a tragic loss of her beloved ones and even the memories are not soothing A 63 year old elapsed author, Rathod is leading towards the last step of life s staircase with bitterness and guilt of his past The common strand among these three characters is that they are unable to find a reason to live But what if they find someone as damaged as they are Can one incomplete person complete another Or at least give and get what they need the most, hope This book, thus, marks the fact that how an end of one thing could be a beginning of something new, making a circle I am really impressed with the story of Ria Marathe, it showca It was on this very blog that I read the below review and so wanted to read this book Some how I always beleive that we all are a part of a big yarn of wool The way we are wrapped on a central core called time is hw many times we meet and part The name of the book tells you that the book talks of three central character who some how cross paths and influence each other s life ahead.
What you will be surprised to find is the way the characters are so damn genuinely believable and endearing in their own ways Aryan , the youngest and most shy link of the circle charms you with his kindness and honesty His lonely yet dreamy existence cris crossed with his maturity totally won my heart and love too Ria , the lonely grieving widow who decides to end her life following the tragedy in her life is elegant , wise and so much makes you wish all good for her days Rana , the aged , once fam ò Circle of Three ò I cannot believe that Grapevine published this story The author did some homework to come up with a story like this, a story which is so different from the recent trends, at least different from what I have been reading to pass time He must have been so confident of his story and how people would take it They are polished, the characters, events, the whole plot Nothing , nothing less Just perfect The book was about 3 intriguing characters and how they meet each other to form a bond and help each other get over with life by hurdling the hindrances of their lives The relationship between each other was complicated and indescribable But they were clear of their own importance in each others lives and that was all that mattered till the end In some situations I saw myself in Aryan s character Dull, unenthusiastic and an easy target for bullies Not that I have bull

Circle Of ThreeWell as we all know that there is nothing which is perfect or complete but this novel has touched my heart,that s the reason for 5 Star rating First of all Hats off Rohit Sir for writing this, Beautifully written This novel from the beginning keeps your interest, all the three story individually awesome.
I have read many novels where two orthan two stories are simultaneously are written but Circle of Three is something different The good thing is the way each character gets involved in others life.
The hatred for each other, then gradually getting close n deep with others sorrow and eventually becoming reason to live for each other is very well explained What I personally liked is when I was about to drop a pearl from my eye, there was always Aryan s cute dialogues lined up to make me laugh, I guess every reader who has read this will find it I am not a good writer w Just finished reading Circle of Three by Rohit Gore It s a 4.
5 5 for me I have known Rohit s writing since half a decade now and must say it is at its best in Circle of Three Since I am a writer myself, whenever I pick up a book to read there are two lens I put on my eyes first one of a reader and the second one of If I were writing this how would this be done 4 5 on the first lens and 5 5 on the second makes the overall rating as 4.
5The plotting is magnificently done 3 stories that cross and interweave each other so smoothly that one may not realize it I really liked the chapter titles which have a consistent three messaging which actually works well The protagonists and their respective side character role development is flawless I especially liked the end, the writing in the last few chapters felt muchengrossing that the starting few Actually By Rohit Gore Grade AWhen I was offered the ARC of Circle of Three by Mr Rohit Gore, I immediately agreed on taking it up despite having a very tight schedule The thing that intrigued me was the apparent theme that the blurb suggested Loneliness I am a sucker for books having miserably lonely people in it So, Circle of Three was certainly my kind of book.
Thirteen year old Aryan Khosla has no friends, rarely meets his busy and quarrelling parents, and is tormented by a gang of school bullies He feels his birth was a mistake and thinks no one would notice if he disappeared from this world.
Thirty three year old Ria Marathe, a successful scriptwriter, lost her husband and only son in a terrible accident, and later came to know her childhood sweetheart husband was cheating on her