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4 STARSScandalous was first published 1991 in Loveswept I recongized that I had read this book years ago Could not remember much of the details but it was fun to back and read it again I probably still have the paperback in a box somewhere.
There are love scenes that I did skip over.
Paisley Vandermeir spent her first seven years in a hippie commune and then to high society after that Her Aunt Izzy was wild in the 20s and took Paisley and taught her to be free and daring The rest of the family looked down on her Paisley loves her Aunt Izzy and all her vintage clothing Which she wears all the time Her Aunt is giving everything to charity In the Vandermeir thier is always one person that causes a Scandalous scene Her Aunt Izzy fell for a married man and had an affair with him So Paisley thinks if she picks her scand Paisley grew up on the fringe of high society, never quite fitting in Her Aunt Izzy, on her deathbed, asks Paisley to return something to an ex lover from long ago Aunt Izzy was the one person she could count on and Paisley takes the task seriously, as well as honoring the wishes of her aunt s will Wearing her aunt s collection of vintage couture makes her stand out, but yet society doesn t appreciate the styles Except for one Christopher Quincy Maitland Problem, he s the grandson of her aunt s ex and he s engaged Like magnets they re attracted, but Paisley fears the Vandermeir family curse, plus she s been hurt many times by family and society, she doesn t trust him or herself Until she decides to use him to fulfill the curse, but make it look like he was the victim Through circumstance and will, they become entangled What happens Thanks to librarything , the publisher and author for the e book version of this book Set in the early 1990 s, Paisley is dead set on escaping the Manhattan high society pressures and rules Having spent the first seven years of her life in a hippie commune, Paisley never felt comfortable in the wealthy environment she spent the rest of her life in Her Aunt was the biggest influence in her life and now she was gone.
Christopher Maitland is an oak Good looking, dependable, safe, and immune to scandal Until he meets Paisley.
Paisley helps Christopher see how dull his life is She has him feeling conflicted about doing what is safe and expected of him , or going against the grain and the stodgy , stuffy , old society expectations Paisley never intended to fall for Christopher Now she must face her insecurities and still stay true to herself.
This is This is a darling little piece of fluffScandalousis a short romance, originally a Loveswept, with Christmas and couture and longtime scandals, and the delightful layer of history that all good fiction possesses.
Paisley Vandermeir was born on a hippie commune, transplanted at all of seven years old to high society Manhattan, and mentored by her wild Aunt Izzy, whose Roaring 20s exploits still tarnish the family name Paisley has never had a chance to be respectable, because Vandermeir women are expected to cause scandals But Paisley has taken care of something she needed to do Only onething is left cause the scandal everyone has been waiting for, and then go past it and find her own future.
Christopher Quincy Maitland, the spitting image of Aunt Izzy s Scandalous lover, appears safe, dependable, and scandal proof A touch of flirtation, a spin with all that high society does not expect her Scandalous ☆ This is a fun read especially if you like vintage fashion Paisley s eclectic personality makes her an interesting heroine She s like a cool breeze from an open window, but behind her front of sophistication she s got a tender heart and a basketful of fears and doubts I really enjoyed her story.
So I enjoyed this The writing style kind of reminded me of the 20 s and I really liked that The romance happens quickly, but it works for me Both characters are figuring out what they want and that it might not be what they assumed they wanted and it makes that they would figure out that what they want is each other I received this book for free through a promotion the author did for Dear Author readers Opinions are my own.
Live In The Boring Present When You Have A Century S Worth Of Vintage Couture To Live Up To Why Be Ordinary With Centuries Of Vandermeir Scandals To Shape Your Destiny Paisley Vandermeir Was Born On A Hippie Commune, Transplanted To High Society Manhattan At The Vulnerable Age Of Seven, And Finally Rescued And Nurtured By Her Wild Aunt Izzy, Whose Roaring S Exploits Still Tarnish The Family Name Paisley Is The Very Definition Of A Vandermeir Scandal Waiting To Happen [Patricia Burroughs] Ê Scandalous [adaptations PDF] Ebook Epub Download · It S Simply A Matter Of What And When Now, It S Christmas In Manhattan And Paisley Vandermeir Has A Scandalous Scheme To Set Herself Free From Society S Expectations Once And For AllEnter Christopher Quincy Maitland, The Blond And Gorgeous Rock Of Gibraltar Who Carries The Weight Of His Family S Fortune On His Shoulders Safe, Dependable, Scandal Proof Or Is He When Irresistible Force Meets Immovable Object, What Happens Next Is SCANDALOUSVIEWS A Truly Enchanting Romantic Comedy With An Ending That Will Make Your Heart Melt New York Times Bestselling Patricia Rice, Author Of The Irish Duchess The old Loveswepts were true classics romance on the wild side I love this one with the heroine raised by an old eccentric who can t quite find her place in the wealthy milieu her family once traversed And the hero is absolutely to die for Paisley is one of those unforgettable characters so full of life and passion that you just wish you knew her in real life Such a fun romance read Review to follow