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I m glad this book found me.
The plot, the writing, and the characters they are all imperfect It is, I must rush to clarify, the same kind of imperfection that gives jazz its beauty Death by Haggis is best enjoyed in small portions If you rush things out you might miss out on a lot of fine jokes and witty nuggets of wisdom Whatever you do, make sure you read the acknowledgements before delving into the actual book, for they contain the key on how this book should be read Without them, the experience might be diminished to the point of what the hell is going on , especially during the first chapters.
Breakthrough Novel Quarterfinalist, Death by Haggis Is A Tongue In Cheek Detective Novel Inspired By The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest For The Opening Sentence To The Worst Of All Possible Novels Until The Day Jane Hamchester Walked Into His Squalid Office, The Highlight Of Detective Sam Barlow S Life Had Been A Particularly Good Tuna Sandwich Now He Is Charged With Trying To Save The Life Of The Only Woman He Ever, Uhm, Thought Was Really Swell His Only Problem Is That There Are No Clues, Other Than Þ read ¿ Death by Haggis by Jay Cutts ↠´ The Nonsensical Utterances Of A Dying ManBarlow S Desperate Search Takes Him First To Scotland And Then To The Aegean But Time Is Running Out Not Only For Jane But For The Human Race Barlow S Only Possible Hope Lies At The Bottom Of An Ancient Cavern, A Remnant From The Time When A Different Kind Of Human Populated The Earth, A Kind Of Human That Could Have Saved Mankind Alas, They Are Long Extinct Or Are They This slapstick fantasy mystery is a hoot it starts like an S.
J Perelman screenplay for the Marx Brothers, with a Woody Allen booster shot Amid verbal pyrotechnics, we meet an NYC private eye, a trifle dim, and his client she wants to know who s trying to kill her Pianos fall Grenades fly After that, things settle a bit, our hero off to the Scottish Highlands Little People Thick Gaelic accents Then it s Greece and the Aegean, the wine dark seas swarming with suspects An evil twin Secret agents, with generic east European intonations Mr Big totally mysterious A Polish housekeeper who, unaccountably, speaks with a Japanese accent A snitch named Snitch A pistol to the forehead And, in the end Surprise Immediately followed by, you guessed it Another the cover was cuteI liked it very much was fun fast readvery very entrtaining it reminds me of some thing edgar alan oe would write » Death by Haggis ë This rollicking novel follows a nebbishy detective who tries to protect a pure hearted woman and finds himself swept up in a series of events that may change the course of human history And that s no hyperbole The story is charmingly spiced with lots of wordplay and bits of philosophical whimsy as it hops from one outrageous misadventure or character to the next There s an evil twin, a psychologist who talks and charges like a prostitute, a hilariously uninterested boat captain, and even a couple of deities I recommend giving Death by Haggis a try it s a very amusing, imaginative ride

Recommended by Better Homes and Gargoyles Yes I knew I was going to like this book the minute I laid eyes on the first chapter title A Tuna Sandwich, A Redhead and a MagnumSam Barlow, private eye, had no time for beautiful, intelligent, sensitive dames who desperately needed his help Ok, ok, he did have time Soon Sam and his new client, Jane, are on their way to the pub to talk about her problem I think someone is trying to kill me, she says Barlow grabs her by the arm and yanks her out from under the shadow of a piano falling from five stories above Why do you say that he asks One corpse later, Sam becomes embroiled in a series of escapades involving the beautiful Jane, a professor of proctology, Bastille Day, and a mysterious name Cadwalleder This book made me laugh like Douglas Adams books make me laugh Jane was as hot a This book is certainly a fun turn of events, that keeps you wondering when the next piano is going to drop I m not kidding about the piano drops either Seriously Author Jay Cutts writing style is reminiscent of Douglas Adams The Author of Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy where in it is intelligently focused in a nonsensical way of putting the story across The flow and heavy use of simile and metaphor make for great laughs and better imagery.