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Daily Bugle Is On The Hunt To Find Out Everything They Can About The New Spider Manbut What They Discover Will Surprise Them, You And Him Then Venom Wars Begins Miles Morales Finally Has His Costume, His Web Shooters, And Now He Has His First A List Spider Man Villainthere S A New Venom In Town, And He S Hungry But Who Exactly Is The New Venom, And What Is His Terrible Connection To Miles Father All This, Plus Miles New [Brian Michael Bendis] ë Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, by Brian Michael Bendis, Volume 4 [old-english-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ Girlfriend, And The Return Of Award Winning Artist Sara Pichelli Collecting Ultimate Comics Spider Man , So if comic history has taught us nothing else it taught us that being Spider Man kind of sucks It s not just web slinging around or occasionally getting into a dust up with someone tough, it s generally filled with death of loved ones original Peter Parker I won t even attempt to keep up with the various versions over the years lost his parents, his Uncle Ben who was like a father to him, Gwen Stacy, and I m sure in different versions he s lost other loved ones as well Far be it for Ultimate Spider Man comics to give the new kid a break from the difficulty of being Spider Man In earlier volumes Miles Morales already lost his Uncle The Prowler and in this volume Venom comes to his front door I don t mean old school V Oh, good Venom is here sigh Yeah, I know so many people love the symbiote that a movie featuring just him can be a huge hit so this was inevitable, but he s never done all that much for me Plus, the version here seems kind of flat with so little done with the host that he s pretty bland and boring as far as murderous creatures go Plus, I m not super thrilled with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy showing up as part of Miles support staff It makes sense to have them there to help pass the torch, but they did that already Having them still in the book ties Miles into Peter Parker s story even , and I m itching forMiles, less Parker legacy now Which is another reason that I don t much like having Venom here at all How about a brand new arch enemy for Miles not based on Peter s time as Spider Man Still, I continue to love the stuff with Miles struggling to be Spider Man, and I enjoyed Detectiv That s right, Mr Captain America President, I do not budge that easy, I m not calling it quits just because you ruined Volume 3 by declaring war and stuff no sir I enjoyed the first two volumes too much for that Thankfully, Volume 4 pretty much ignores all that crossover flag waving ever happened, returning the series to its greatest strengths teen mentality, personal interaction, humor, dialogue Well, and then there s Venom Towards the end Bendis hams up the drama a bit much for my taste, but this volume certainly deserves credit for getting the series back on track.
↠´ Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, by Brian Michael Bendis, Volume 4 ï I suspect that whoever writes the blurbs for the collected editions hasn t actually looked over what issues are included Because Miles s new girlfriend I have no idea what the hell they re talking about Maybe the cute girl in his classroom They don t actually speak to each other here A quick google shows that they don t get together until well after the events of this trade Keep it together, Marvel.
Anyways, this trade feltlike a Peter Parker adventure than anything Miles has done previously By which I mean that all of the action is very close to home and leaves him questioning his role as Spider Man Let s face it, Bendis is really good at writing stories like this, especially with a Spider Man But it is starting to feel like familiar ground And can t there be any breathing room for this poor kid I feel like he s been thrown directl So we ve got to know Miles a little We ve been introduced to some new characters, and we re beginning to see how him being Spider man is effecting the people from Peter s life Unfortunately for Miles, that means he also has to deal with Peter s villains It s an interesting conflict that Miles has to take on someone who s soul reason for existing is hatred for Peter and Spider man Miles has never met Venom before, but Venom doesn t know that, and is intent on making Miles s life hell Miles is going to need his own major villains though I suppose taking on the Prowler and Scorpion in the previous volumes count , and I can see him dealing with Peter s baggage as something Bendis will return to a lot Also, I know everyone else is saying it, and it s pretty much a universally held opinion at this point, but I really like Miles Morales as a charact Ultimate Comics Spider Man, Vol 4 is based on the premise that a 13 year old kid who hasn t hit his growth spurt yet looks and sounds the same as a tall, calm and collected 35 year old, as long as he s wearing a mask.
A journalist thinks she discovered Spider Man s identity, based mostly on conjectures, and manages to hit close to home except instead of thinking it s Miles Morales, she thinks it s his dad.
She tries to get the info published, but Jonah J Jameson refuses her because he isn t about to blow open a superhero s identity and expose him to a lot of shit, which is fair And probably also because it s pretty obvious Spider Man is a pretty short dude, compared to most adult men.
But the journalist is murdered by Venom, who is there like a giant, black, monstro Ganke and Miles s friendship The Venom is in town looking for Spider Man And thanks to the late Betty Brant, he thinks Spider Man is Jefferson Davis, Miles Morales fatherThe Ultimate Version of Venom arrives and turns Miles life upside down Being Spider Man has its drawbacks Your family members wind up getting killed It s not as if his family was in good shape before that His dad was already shell shocked after fighting HYDRA agents.
The action was great, the art was fantastic, but I still felt the writing dragged How much talking can Brian Bendis fit into five issues of a super hero comic book Quite a bit, it seems.
The collection ends with Miles having his Spider Man No More moment ala Lee and Ditko, which was a nice touch considerin This story arch hits you like a hammer on both sides After the interesting events of the last arch that sort of cut up the pace, we get back to the drama of Miles view spoiler and the fallout over his Uncle s death hide spoiler